Example sentences of "[that] have give " in BNC.

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1 Both BR and RENFE , in common with railways elsewhere ( Bouley 1985 ) , have stressed the new ‘ reality of competition ’ and the need ‘ to shift the emphasis from ‘ running a railway ’ to providing a value for money service to the customer' ( BRB 1985r : 5 ) ; in these conditions , it was ‘ the market that has to give the orders ’ ( RENFE chairman , cited in El Nuevo Lunes , 16 December 1985 ) .
2 It is common for students to return to a part that has given them many ideas , and to rework a passage fruitfully .
3 With a long journey ahead of me every morning and evening , I do n't hang about , and this is the first petrol-engined car I 've used that has given me over 45mpg on a run .
4 In an ideal world , there would be no need for either , but for now I would rather see the frustration expressed in these light-hearted terms than in the sort of man-hating bitterness that has given feminism such a bad name .
5 A country that has given us countless cheeses , truffles , classic dishes such as moules marinières and cassoulet , champagne and , for many years , some of the world 's finest wines , requires several tomes to do it justice .
6 In many cities the names are still interchangeable , a fact that has given many a visitor a mystified look .
7 This last possibility is one that has given me some concern over these months , and is something about which I still feel undecided .
8 Her great good fortune has been an electoral system that has given her power on a minority vote .
9 Turner 's Slave Ship which was so highly praised by Ruskin , shows faithfully the horror and evil of that traffic and it is the emotion , not the technique that has given the painting its immortality .
10 The method that has given most results has now become known as the ‘ de Broglie-Bohm formulation ’ , after Louis de Broglie and David Bohm , professor of physics at Birkbeck College , London ( New Scientist , 11 November , p 361 ) .
11 It is the unfinished nature of those parts dealing with the schemas of reproduction that has given rise to a number of controversies regarding the interpretation of them .
12 A club spokesman said : ‘ It was a win over an in-form side that has given the whole team great hope and we will go to Wasps with nothing to lose . ’
13 It is really this last concern that has given feminist objections to sexist language their public visibility , since feminists have demanded concrete changes in speech and writing .
14 The problem position , of course , is fly-half — the berth that has given Ireland the greatest of difficulties over the past few seasons .
15 And why had the hair that has given Clive James and others so much fun over the years been tidied into a conventional razor-styled crop at last ?
16 Dale 's studies of fetal response to moderate cardiovascular exercise showed increased breathing movements , transient bradycardia or tachycardia , or changes in uterine bloodflow , but there does not appear to be a systematic study that has given clear guidelines for safe levels of maternal exercise .
17 The scream of a fox , on the other hand , is quite distinctive : a wailing , wavering shriek that has given rise to many a false report of a midnight mugging .
18 She felt for Mary , in fact , the fine contempt due to someone or to an institution that has given way too easily .
19 Just across on the Spanish side of the col is the opening of the fearsome gouffre in the limestone that has given the name Pierre-Saint-Martin a certain resonance .
20 This attitude is one of the things that has given non-verbal communication such a bad name and since it already has a somewhat shaky reputation due to the fact that it has no powerful theory associated with it , its academic credibility suffers in comparison to that of formal linguistics .
21 It is this destruction that has given the wealth of shattered archaic sculpture from the city .
22 They are now mothers with the responsibility for a child , and some of them would maintain that it is their baby that has given them the determination to do something more with their lives , however hard this may be .
23 It is ‘ the West ’ that has given both existence and identity to ‘ the Orient ’ .
24 It captures the fundamental agreement that has given a unity to the perspectives of leading constitutional authorities , but it does not reveal the disputes that have existed within liberal-democratic constitutional theory .
25 ‘ Wickedly wasteful , I know , but I smashed it , and set up a new one and I have painted upon that new one the first thing that has given me real pleasure for years , oh , years and years .
26 ‘ I want to put something back into the game that has given me a good life . ’
27 The matter that has given me most cause for admiration is the way in which he has conducted himself while the horrible events have gone on and been reported in the press .
28 I understand the feeling within his party that has given rise to some of the security recommendations which he conferred on my hon. Friend the Minister of State last week , and which he described as a root-and-branch policy .
29 In themselves they 're historic , but it was Ponting 's expertise as a stills cameraman that has given the world a stunning pictorial account of a legendary expedition .
30 So much for a romantic myth that has given Hollywood scriptwriters a nice living .
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