Example sentences of "[that] give you " in BNC.

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1 Now let that give you an idea how serious things are .
2 But you 'll start feeling better quite soon ; a more balanced diet , a little more activity , and a positive attitude are all things that give you a sense of well being and vitality .
3 I think more than anything I enjoy the freedom and there are two things in life that give you freedom .
4 What I think is happening , I find this interesting , people are rejecting the idea of the aesthetic , and I 'm not quite sure why ; I do n't know whether they think it 's elitist or whether they 've got no taste of their own , or what , I do n't know , but people read poems not as poems which convey aesthetic emotion , which is the way I tend to think about poems ultimately , but simply as ideological statements and political texts , or at least , things that give you some understanding of the way people thought or so on at the time … .
5 At the first sign of the emotional see-saw that life so often presents , you go scurrying off for the goodies that give you comfort .
6 So that give you any ideas about this .
7 The pages that give you expert advice , practical tips and the latest in children 's fashion and entertainment
8 A new bank account that give you independence and freedom to choose how to organise your money the way you want , when you want .
9 BeckerTools is a set of utilities that give you better or extra disk and file utilities under Windows .
10 The result is a database on which you can search for a favourite author or publisher , or search for packages that give you the required level of coverage of particular elements ( or units ) of competence .
11 It 's the simple things of life that give you most joy and delight .
12 This wo n't be necessary in the case of societies that give you one redemption figure applicable whenever the mortgage is redeemed during the month for which the figure is given .
13 And they were the sort of corsets that gave you the the straight boyish look that was necessary for the clothes of the twenties and the early thirties which were cut on the cross .
14 And that gave you what ?
15 I mean you could forget this list that I gave th b that gave you , unless there 's anything on it that is still relevant , but find the things yourself on that topic so that on Thursday Next Thursday you can each spend ten minutes talking about things which you 've read in your topic specifically .
16 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
17 Now what you did when you worked out seventy eight per cent , you say seventy eight over a hundred , and you put it in your calculator , and you did seventy eight divided by a hundred , and that gave you nought point seven eight .
18 To get that appointment that gave you that one sale .
19 You should aim to strike a deal with your employers that gives you real peace of mind .
20 That 's the part that gives you sustain and that 's the part that you do n't want to depress to the point that it touches the fret , because otherwise the fretted strings do n't have the clearance to run underneath the slide without touching it .
21 It 's not like the virus that gives you a cold .
22 I asked her , ‘ What is it that gives you the confidence to try things out ? ’ .
23 People will not miss anything that gives you an Achilles ’ heel .
24 Because choosing both the right type or investment and the particular institution with which you are likely to feel happiest is such an important decision , even after you have chosen a scheme you will have a 14-day cooling off period that gives you a chance to change your mind .
25 Matinee is a screen saver that gives you movie mayhem you can edit yourself
26 ‘ What is it about work that gives you the most pleasure ? ’
27 Can you move house or work out a schedule that gives you more time to be together ?
28 So that gives you this fits with this pattern acid carbonate they all give a salt apart from the hydrogen one they all give water as well and this one gives a C O two .
29 ‘ It 's your casualness that gives you away , ’ he said .
30 Do any of you know what the law is called that gives you your rights when you buy
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