Example sentences of "[be] be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 But but , you should also be be sure that the form tutor pro can clarify things for parents because although , no no matter how hard you try to make this erm , a clear and easily understandable document it 's only clear and un easily understandable to us .
2 Now be be sure that it 's all in the pre-packs , it 's been taken by the pre-pack department
3 If they really believe that the merger was the best way forward , they must now be be supporting something that they know to be less than best and and this is now rendered all the bad feeling and all the destruction of the past two years , a complete waste of time .
4 You will be be amazed by what you can see .
5 The engine may be be smooth , refined and flexible in its mid-range , but for a cross-country sprint it 's asthmatic .
6 The injury-prone Reid , who has been troubled by back and shoulder injuries throughout his career , will not be be able to train until early January .
7 With the Omni SQL Gateway that er you 'll be be able to access D B two data is that still going through the Open SQL Server or is that actually going D R D A or are there plans to go D R D A compliant ?
8 He would n't be be able to keep that promise if he 'd tried .
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