Example sentences of "[was/were] to be " in BNC.

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1 Authors are not supposed to avenge themselves in their writings , but they do , and if they were to be prevented , there would be far fewer books .
2 The senate was to have 60 members : 11 were to be directly appointed by the Prime Minister , or Taoiseach , and 49 by election .
3 Six of the latter were to be elected by the two Irish universities .
4 But the remaining 43 were to be elected by local and national politicians on a vocational basis : that is , they had to be elected to five panels for which they would qualify by having the requisite vocational expertise — administrative , cultural — educational , labour , industrial and commercial , and agricultural .
5 These were to be intermediary between capital and labour and based precisely upon types of vocational expertise in a way similar to medieval guilds ( Leo XIII 1903 : 240–7 ; Pius XI 1931 : 32–4 ) .
6 If guidance were to be sought in matters which hovered on the boundary between the two , it was likely that the church would be seen by people and politicians as authoritative in resolving the issue .
7 Whereas similar provisions in other countries were mainly designed to provide facilities which could or could not be used , the Irish ones were to be compulsory and there was to be no choice of doctor .
8 Anyway , on with my story , for soon other pressures were to be brought to bear .
9 These were to be considered at the AGM on 20 September 1986 when the association would seek to create ‘ a blend of social and professional academic pursuit ’ .
10 No weapons were to be seen but a good many shepherds ' crooks and plenty of rough sticks cut from birch or alder .
11 If , under Hugh MacLennan , he was able to form his judgment and turn his phrases under the eye of a skilful novelist , in Louis Dudek 's adroit hands he was able to fashion and test his poetic acumen to the full ; both were to be of absorbing interest to him .
12 But there never could be such an observer — at least not if his thought-processes were to be analysed in the same way as ours — because his thoughts about the relations of the particulars would themselves be just a succession of particulars whose relations , which give them meaning , were not directly accessible to him .
13 If a movie were to be made of her American tour , one would see pages fly from calendars , clock hands spin and headlines slapped one on top of the next .
14 Increasing this angle increases the flair very sensitively , up to the maximum deflection of the curve of the rear leg , if it were to be ( impractically ! ) mounted in the plane or the rear seat rail .
15 But , if underfloor engines and transmissions were to be used , they had to be in a different league of reliability and performance from the DMUs which BR had been running since the 1950s .
16 He also laid down certain rules fur balance , on the need to bend the knees always as a preparation for any kind of step followed by a stretch , on the vital use of the head and on the need fur the co-ordination of all parts if the desired movements were to be precise and elegant .
17 When it came to subordinate males , however , there was a strong relationship between how nice males had been to infants and how likely they were to be attacked by the female : nicer males fared better .
18 We will also be showing why continued research should be permitted , and how disastrous it would be for all women if the policy advocated by the Pro-Life lobby were to be adopted .
19 Its effects were to be felt long after Gouraud and his successor , General Weygand , had died .
20 Most of what is now visible internally is important historically but would be covered or damaged if the building were to be reconstructed as a modern pastiche within an original veneer .
21 The payments were to be made to teachers with additional responsibilities ; to outstanding teachers ; to those teaching in shortage subjects ; and for teachers taking posts that were difficult to fill .
22 Wardle , Appleyard , Close , Lowson , Trueman and Illingworth entered cricket in Yardley 's reign and all had great respect for his tactical ingenuity and his benevolent , Gower-style leadership although they were to be critical later .
23 They were to be a new form of secondary school — ‘ beacons of excellence ’ — funded mainly by industry , and would concentrate on science and technology .
24 Mr Rampton read out a military report which said that parts of Austria under the Tito forces , to whom the Yugoslavs were to be repatriated , were being ruled by terror .
25 Killing would continue even if an effective ban on ivory sales were to be introduced .
26 His Lordship concluded without hesitation that Mr Laws ' arguments were to be preferred .
27 If Moxon , still young in captaincy terms , were to be given the job there would be a strong argument in favour of a team manager and as Illingworth , perhaps wisely , has rejected one offer to return ( from Leicestershire ) Yorkshire might look at another native son who has , from all accounts , done an excellent job in his first year of managment at Somerset , Jack Birkenshaw .
28 They were sui generis , and were to be justified by considerations of policy .
29 EXPLOSIVES smuggled in the soles of training shoes were to be used in an attempted daylight breakout by more than a dozen IRA men in a top security prison , it emerged yesterday .
30 The jury was told the men were to be paid £1,000 each with £500 expenses by Mr Brown 's wife to kill him .
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