Example sentences of "[is] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Where efforts have been made , as in parts of the south of Italy , evidence is accumulating that , at least in the specific areas concerned , a production cooperative approach can have a profound impact on local employment and economic development .
2 Evidence is accumulating that probably less benefit is achieved by juggling with proportions of short- and intermediate-acting insulin than was previously thought ( Roland , 1984 ) .
3 Although evidence is accumulating that in a number of birds females prefer long-tailed mates , the role of natural selection in tail elaboration has been largely ignored .
4 Evidence is accumulating that an efficient service infrastructure increases the attractiveness of a location for potential investors ( Marshall , 1985 ; Browne , 1983 ) .
5 However , evidence is accumulating that , as in cervical cancer , human papillomavirus may have a causal association with anal cancer .
6 Finally , evidence is accumulating that a person 's emotional environment influences his or her likelihood of suffering an acute psychotic episode if he or she already has a history of schizophrenic disorder .
7 Evidence is accumulating that the cap , in combination with the transfer of funds to the Research Councils , has had a serious effect on the intellectual life of the University , and its removal is earnestly awaited .
8 What is valuable is to see that here is a critic writing at the top of his bent .
9 To compare Raskolnikov 's haymarket with Kim 's bazaar is to see that Kipling has done all the work so that you do n't have to go there to know what it 's like at the level of vivid and varied description , whereas Dostoevsky leaves his reader with an impression which hovers between smell and vapour and dream .
10 One objective of Mr Grosz is to see that the HSWP holds its party congress , as in ‘ normal ’ times , early next year .
11 The duty of the auditor is to see that the accounts have been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements and to see that proper accounting practices have been observed in the compilation of the accounts .
12 The main aim of the group is to see that every dog is muzzled in public .
13 The first essential is to see that she has a good solicitor to advise her and sort out her husband 's affairs , making sure beforehand what his fee will be for the work he is going to do for her .
14 The problem more often is to see that they do not come to rely upon them almost exclusively , as a high intake of carbohydrates can lead to obesity .
15 The only important thing is to see that she is eating wisely .
16 The teaching task is to see that the techniques that are used are effective in promoting learning objectives , so they have to be designed to account for specific contexts of instruction .
17 The way to do this is to see that patients bear some responsibility for the cost of services .
18 Any repairs or replacements or renewals of furnishings are noted on the cards , and they are constantly referred to by the housekeeping and maintenance departments , whose responsibility it is to see that the room is maintained to the required standard .
19 The job of our full-time fund raisers is to see that the RNLI 's use of such methods is as professional as can be . ’
20 To think about this even for a moment is to see that something is amiss .
21 But , unless the proviso can be invoked , one must adopt the maxim that the more difficult ( short of impossibility ) is the defending advocate 's task , the more vital it is to see that he does not labour under an unfair disadvantage .
22 Because the greatness of man is to see that things might be otherwise — to look at the world around him , and to see another world beneath its surface . ’
23 After all , the purpose of management is to see that the work of the organisation gets done , and the only managers who supervise ‘ actual work ’ directly are the ‘ front-line ’ or ‘ first-line ’ supervisors ( eg. ‘ foreman ’ in manufacturing industries ) .
24 The job of the trustee is to see that the fund is managed within the terms of its ‘ trustee deed ’ .
25 I rather think that they are concentrating on the main task which is to see that the children are properly provided for .
26 The agency 's responsibility is to see that those children are properly paid for .
27 . The last one then , erm , C P is the completer. and their role is to see that the team is protected as far as possible from mistakes and they also maintain a sense of urgency within the team .
28 And I think what we 're trying to do is to see that we 're being treated fairly just as we might listen to that person 's argument as well .
29 Those of us who have fought those of us who have fought still have one job we can do and that is to see that the military capability of the United States is such that no potential aggressor will ever dare attack us .
30 See , she 's sneaking that if you
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