Example sentences of "[vb infin] be for " in BNC.

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1 In general this is all that you need to complete most documents , the only extra frames you 'll need are for images .
2 " It would have been immensely preferable for my return to be accomplished by the [ legal ] process , " de Gaulle told Dulac , but added cryptically : " Tell General Salan that what he has done and what he will do is for the good of France . "
3 The example we shall give is for a person who starts the regime moderately overweight and whose normal meals are fairly typically too high in fat , sugar , and salt , and too low in fibre .
4 The best advice anyone can give is for people to get their hands on a copy of the official festival programme and to plan their own agenda .
5 What Muslim men do n't like is for their women to work outside the home , potentially in the company of strange men .
6 What I would like is for us to be able to poke about a bit ; see if there are any angles in the Livesey case that might lead back to this girl .
7 And erm what I 'd like is for Dennis is to explain a little about how far we 've actually got with the C E D G approach to the introduction of I S O Nine Thousand .
8 But erm what we would like is for any of you who are actually here at that time to attend that mass and to be involved in some way , to do some sort of erm service .
9 What I would like is for all the Councillors to look at this , to advise me which other seats they think are indeed the responsibility of and then I 'll go back and go to battle but er I 'd like everybody 's views on which ones they believe they are so that I can do it firmly .
10 Erm but one of the things they did not like is for erm to have a sales consultant on the medical practice for three weeks using their
11 Yet this admission was not so grievous for Tate as it would have been for others .
12 In fact they are no more adequate for primitive societies than they would have been for any others .
13 The procedure would have been for the pilot to pull a handle , situated between his legs , which jettisoned the canopy while activating a rocket that fired his seat and that of his navigator clear of the plane .
14 This may have been for meals during the day while living elsewhere , or perhaps it was to make existing accommodation there more adequate for his use .
15 The simplest method would have been for a French submarine to wait for the Rainbow Warrior somewhere on the high seas and sink it with a torpedo but that posed the problem of what to do with any survivors .
16 However gratifying this may have been for Stirling , one distinct step was taken to clip his wings and stop his independent lobby of senior officers .
17 What little opportunity there might have been for careful integration , had been lost .
18 It is interesting to speculate what the consequences would have been for the curriculum if his view had prevailed .
19 The cry should have been for real money , the only means by which genuine choice can be exercised and discrimination on the basis of age eliminated .
20 Sad though that may have been for that particular patient , there was a positive side , the cancer never reappeared .
21 The buildings on either side would have been for the slaves and workshops , the bath-house and latrines .
22 Impressive reading it may have been for some , but tantalizing for the men and they certainly rose to the occasion .
23 This may have been for a local production company producing a video for one of their corporate clients ; at the other end of the scale , you may have written some pieces for the broadcasters ( BBC , ITV , etc . ) .
24 The ceremony will be a bitter-sweet reminder of what might have been for Princess Margaret , forbidden from marrying her divorced sweetheart Peter Townsend .
25 The only cost would have been for the satellite transmission , which would have been shared . ’
26 We have seen what a struggle it must have been for men in the late 18th century to keep body and soul together — how much worse , then , for their womenfolk .
27 Alternatively , if the company fell on hard times , the instrument took on not only a debt , but a highly onerous debt feature when the company 's need would have been for equity .
28 All these hours in Madamoiselle McKirdy 's class will not have been for nothing .
29 Had she been so , then last night 's work would have been for naught .
30 It could not have been for lack of qualifications , for Moira had served seven years on the BBC 's General Advisory Council and four years as a director of Border Television ; so one can only assume it was because of my Liberal Party connections .
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