Example sentences of "[vb infin] [vb pp] a " in BNC.

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1 The controls are slow and unresponsive — let's face it , with the amount of platform beat-'em-ups around you 'd have thought the programmers would 've given a bit more care and attention to this aspect , not to mention the graphics , presentation … the game in general really .
2 You could 've heard a critic smile !
3 All the money we spent on this stuff , ’ she indicated her drink , ’ could 've floated a battleship over the years . ’
4 I would 've picked a good one . ’
5 I hear you 've come a long way . "
6 Maxie Carlo must 've cracked a joke .
7 You 'll need come a good few times and give it three four six months .
8 Do [ if she did ] , she 'd ha' made a mess of me !
9 And it was uphill work coming home afterwards ; and if I 'd ha' hit a cobweb I 'd ha' fallen back'uds .
10 Disagreements in the church about the point at which one could not compromise left a legacy of schisms in the Nile valley and in North Africa , where the rancour of the Donatist schism persisted until the Muslim invasions swept them away four centuries later .
11 Erm I 'm just calling because I hear you 've written a book on Irish water spaniels .
12 You know communications is a very big area there 's a lot to be talked about erm certainly rapport and leading and things like that you asked for that we could 've done a lot more with , the type of language people use we could do a lot more with but when we 've got a limited time we 're gon na have to take a limited snapshot and I hope that what we 've done so far today you found useful and I hope when we put it into practice tomorrow maybe you can understand a little bit more of some of things that we 've been talking about today .
13 It would 've saved a lot of agonizing . ’
14 She must 've made a mistake — Marie said she 'd write to me .
15 ‘ I can see I 've made a fool of myself again .
16 I could 've made a fortune flogging beads to hippies . ’
17 I mean I thought you 'd 've made a note about oh I must come back to that later
18 See you 've made a mess on the board as well .
19 A number of our readers are of the opinion that those who did contribute displayed a similar lack of foresight .
20 On arrival at Newcastle station he told reporters : ‘ I hope my boys will give United a good game ’ — but beyond that he was ‘ courteously discreet and silent ’ .
21 then came controversy … and dispute … watch for Steve White he clearly handles the ball on his way through … the ref did n't see it … would n't give United a free kick and within seconds from a corner the match was over …
22 Five frilly nightdresses straight from mail-order , their labels still attached — I 'd 've nicked a couple only I did n't know what disease they might be carrying .
23 ‘ Had that not happened we would 've had a lot more people at the rally .
24 ‘ Watch it for Christ sake , ’ Billy bawled into the wind , ‘ ca n't you see I 've had a hard night . ’
25 I did n't lose her till she was over twenty but So but I think it was desperation because if I 'd had money I should 've had a house full of children because I loved them , you see , I 've always loved children .
26 ‘ We could 've had a pizza in town , ’ she reminded him .
27 ‘ Alex Bannen would 've had a screaming fit if we 'd left you to mess up his precious Bridge ; God alone knows what Tiw would 've done . ’
28 See I 've had a couple of colds the past few months and then you think , well that 's me , I 'm getting better .
29 Beautiful piece , one of the earliest I 've seen — but he must 've had a hard head , ‘ coz it broke .
30 ‘ All it tells us is he must 've had a foreign accent for them to give him a name like that .
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