Example sentences of "[is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Keepers can have the one off season … to be fair this season AFAIK he s only made the one ‘ howler ’ .
2 Ok … that s enough laughing ( for now ) .
3 They do nt even create his goals — he s just got that luck/knack of being in the right place for deflections etc .
4 He s 37 for christs sake and yet he s always getting back to defend .
5 He s always encouraging the team .
6 That s past him hopefully , and he s also playing with more confidence …
7 There s now hope that after three years in jail , Poole and Mills will once again get a chance to defend themselves , in court .
8 I was just dithering , trying to see what the new keys were , when I thought ‘ shit , unless I can send it , there s no point me carrying on ’ .
9 Unfortunately everyone else will be doing the same thing and if one end is blatantly favoured then it is likely to be crowded .
10 We have always said that it is not for nothing that the Unix prompts are dollar and percentage signs and at last somebody out there has the common sense to recognise that fact too : the new Unix Reseller Show , set for May 4 to 6 in Dallas , is blatantly promoting itself with the slogan ‘ How To Make Money With Unix ’ ; if that does n't bring the punters piling in , nothing will .
11 The new Unix Reseller Show , set for May 4–6 in Dallas , is blatantly promoting itself with the slogan ‘ How To Make Money With Unix . ’
12 Farington 's influence is mostly seen in Green 's excellent etchings of buildings throughout the district .
13 Although it is mostly made up of perennial plants which will come up fresh in spring , there are one or two evergreen shrubs added for structure : an upright rosemary and a couple of spiky yuccas .
14 Cholesterol is a natural substance in the blood and is mostly made from the fat in the food we eat , though the body itself is quite capable of making an adequate supply .
15 Linseed oil is mostly made out of the seeds of the lin linen plant .
16 The current population is mostly made up of scientists and support staff working on contract for one or two years .
17 The cotton wool is mostly made of cellulose , and it dwarfs the tiny capsule that contains the DNA , the genetic information .
18 There is a great deal of scalic movement , though it is mostly hidden by notes leaping out of direction and back again .
19 The impact on MB Group 's balance sheet of acquiring sizeable goodwill in both ABS and Caradon is mostly offset by the issue of $150m US preferred stock and a handy £80m revaluation of its CMB stake to leave pro forma gearing at 24 per cent .
20 This is partly , no doubt , because teacher education in language is mostly tied to the teaching of particular languages , or to other disciplines like psychology or sociology where language is not the central focus .
21 The Threadfin Goldie Nemanthias carberryi is mostly received into the U.K. from shipments originating in The Maldives .
22 Research in the Arts is mostly conducted on an individual basis and it is not possible to do full justice to this activity here .
23 Egypt 's ageing fleet of 12 submarines is mostly composed of Chinese and Soviet-made Romeo-class vessels .
24 We now revert to the iterations for 1 an observe that , for example , c9 of Table is mostly composed of x1 .
25 The drug problem is mostly limited to substances which produce recognizable behavioural patterns , normally some sort of muddled state or light-headedness .
26 What was more , they were threatening to burn down the capital if Colonel Rebu was not set free — and Port-au-Prince is mostly built of wood .
27 The protein is mostly lost during the early stages of sweating and has detergent-like properties .
28 Somalia is mostly desert , and three-quarters of its 6m people are nomads , living from a mixture of camels ' milk and fierce raids on other clans .
29 The County is mostly served by the Southern Electricity Board .
30 It seems that public concern is mostly raised when the pollutant is easily observed and can be shown to be due to some organisation flouting the law .
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