Example sentences of "[to-vb] be for " in BNC.

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1 Such French capital as Poland managed to secure was for specific projects like the new port at Gdynia — which was encouraged by the French to discomfort the Germans as much as to aid the Poles .
2 If one is still searching for ways to explain this absence , believing with most ethologists , socio-biologists , and even some social anthropologists that aggression is part of human nature , then the obvious place to look is for some form of ritual as catharsis , or try to identify some other culturally constructed behaviour pattern which allows the individual Chewong to shed negatively valued arousal states , like anger , which according to such theories would build up and erupt in uncontrolled violent behaviour .
3 Well I 'll I 'll erm Well if you 've got the insurance the be the best thing to do is for me to tell them when you 've actually been done .
4 Liverpool Labour group member George Knibb said : ‘ What we are asking you to do is for what you believe in for the miners to commit yourselves to for your own workforce . ’
5 What our staffing levels do n't allow us to do is for the care assistants to have the time they would like just to spend talking to elderly people , talking them write letters , get in touch with their relatives .
6 Probably what the best thing to do is for for for managers to sit when Vicky comes back I 'll fill in for anyone who reports to me .
7 The other bearers took the traditional view that the right thing to do was for Yussuf to get rid of her and find another one ; but for reasons known only to himself Yussuf was reluctant to do this .
8 The Foxley Wood project from Consortium Developments which Mr Patten 's predecessor said he was ‘ minded ’ to allow was for 4,800 new houses in a large shallow quarry and conifer plantation .
9 In one respect the change seems to me to have been for the worse .
10 The only running cost you will have to pay is for petrol .
11 Good heavens , I think your plan to retire is for the best ; let me know if I can help in any way .
12 On the desirability or otherwise of a comprehensive list of what should be done at each level , the best way to proceed is for there to be a presumption , effectively , that matters are best dealt with at national level unless it can be shown that that is better done at Community level .
13 The proper way to proceed is for Members of the House to consult their constituents and consider the whole Bill in detail first .
14 The staff here maybe I should be I should n't be saying this the staff are finding it very difficult I mean what I 'm trying to say is for goodness sake eyes should be opened .
15 The unequal status which women possess in society results in a situation in which what they have to say is for many purposes discounted or reinterpreted for them .
16 What needs to happen is for players to learn how to ruck and maul more efficiently .
17 What will tend to happen is for example , erm , in my section to deal with public courses , I would have information about the venues that I 'm going to use this year , I would have information about the mailing lists I 'm going to use , and information about the mailing lists of my office I 'm going to use , I would have prospects that I 'm going to call , you know , it 's all stuff that I would tend to plan out on a pad of paper and then insert into the particular data section , and refer to as I need to .
18 He added : ‘ What the policyholders have to ask is for whose benefit is it being done — the management 's or the policyholders ’ ?
19 All I did n't want to happen was for him to become violent , which I did n't think was ever on the cards .
20 Often the only way for that to happen was for those already in the cities to move out and for those contemplating a move in not to come .
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