Example sentences of "[vb mod] just well " in BNC.

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1 Right , now if they 're acting rationally , right simply because you have a zero income of say two years on the trot , you may just well be driven out of business , if you 're er , a farmer in the developed , developing world you may er , possibly thrown off the land , or you may even starve .
2 In briefing her , you may just well , take this minute , write it out and say Jenny put your opinion there , and you 'll probably find it quicker than actually telling her .
3 Well I 'll just er I 'll just well if I go and get the sort of the tea things ready , the party tea can you put Christopher his erm Thunderbirds tracksuit back on ?
4 But I 'll just well they both wanted to go to the car .
5 Well I 'll just well it
6 She 's gon na be there tonight I thought well I always could just well I think I might come over if you 've got ta be there .
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