Example sentences of "[vb mod] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Police say it 's possible the man is responsible for two sex attacks and he must give himself up .
2 Must give ye the question ! ’ he grinned sheepishly and staggered back a step .
3 ‘ She will , my dear , I promise , but you must give her a chance .
4 I felt that if , for perfect reasons of conscience , I could not fight for her , I must give her up for ever .
5 But seeing the pleading in her eyes and aware that she was on the very brink of womanhood , he knew that he must give her her head and allow her to marry if that was what she wanted .
6 Mother is ill and the doctor says we must give her these things at the end of the letter , but we have n't got enough money to get them .
7 So I must give her a ring this week actually .
8 Other people may keep talking at you as a means of reinforcing their relationship to you : ‘ I matter to you , so you must give me plenty of airtime . ’
9 ‘ You must give me the size , ’ said Myeloski .
10 ‘ You must give me your solemn assurance on three counts : that you will not seek to discover the identity of my client , that you will not ask for any further assistance if the venture should prove to be unsuccessful and finally that you will not discuss this matter with any other person ; this stipulation to include even members of your own family and your circle of personal friends and acquaintances . ’
11 You must give me , sir , all my own way .
12 ‘ Oh God , Rory , I 've got to tell somebody , but you must promise ; you must give me your word you wo n't breathe a word to anybody else .
13 ‘ You must give me more information . ’
14 ‘ You must give me the recipe . ’
15 At length Raynor said , very softly , ‘ Before we go farther , you must give me your promise that whatever happens inside here , whatever is said , you will not leave my side .
16 ‘ You must give me your absolute fullest attention . ’
17 ‘ You must give me an answer or I shall have to leave the house .
18 That must give me till about lunch-time .
19 But you must give me leave to confide in the prince , and I make the same promise for him .
20 On our return to the schooner we found Mr. Gould no longer firm in his former determination to depart immediately , and on my telling him he must give me his hand in pledge that he would stay here and work longer if necessary , he , after a little hesitation , consented .
21 As far as I am aware , there was good feeling between the candidates during the election , and I was somewhat surprised to read in Susan Crosland 's splendid biography of her husband that Roy Hattersley had told him I was angry that he was standing , and that he must give me his support before the first ballot or I would have no interest in him .
22 When a weak-form word is given stress for the purpose of emphasis , e.g. : ‘ You must give me more money ’
23 Hence the tribunal must give what the reviewing court regards as the correct meaning to the statutory terms , before the tribunal can be properly within the sphere of its jurisdiction ; mistakes as to the meaning of these terms become jurisdictional errors .
24 Except under special circumstances the parents , guardians , or persons liable to contribute to the support of the child must give their consent to the adoption .
25 The latter must give their departmental organisations purpose and direction but this must be rooted in what the authority as a whole is trying to do' ( 1988 , pp. 14 — 15 ) .
26 What we have said we are involved in a process which must involve both governments and all parties , whose objective is agreement among our divided people an agreement which all our traditions must give their allegiance and agreement , and an agreement which must express which which must respect our diversity , now I have kept repeating that statement since we made it and I asked anyone to tell me what they disagree with it , now the loyalist paramilitary some weeks ago said that if the I R A were to k their impression they 've given all along is that they 're just a reaction to the I R A and if the I R A were to stop they would cease immediately , I immediately put out a statement welcoming that statement by them , I also offered to talk directly to them , but they have refused er given the nature of their campaign , particularly at the moment , I begin to wonder do they want the I R A to stop ?
27 Generally , witnesses must give their evidence under examination in open court ( Ord 20 , r 4 ) .
28 As she talked Eva revealed it was not just that she was coming back to God , but that she had realised she must give her whole self to him for the ministry .
29 Once legislative proposals are sufficiently advanced to be put to Ministers for endorsement they will go before the Legislation Committee of the Cabinet which must give its approval before a place is found in the programme .
30 The Committee must give its decision within 14 days of the end of the hearing .
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