Example sentences of "[vb mod] as well " in BNC.

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1 I think we should as well .
2 well I do n't know how they work it , but I should n't get a bad one , it should be okay , I mean my dad 's gon na give me money anyway , so , I mean if I , London City so Phil was saying one of the best in the country he says that , so hopefully if they , they give me an offer , the others should as well
3 I think you should as well .
4 He needed someone to throw him a lifeline and I decided it might as well be me .
5 Besides , I did n't think I could now save enough to make a significant difference to my standard of living when I retired , so I decided I might as well enjoy it while I had the chance .
6 The station cafe was still open so I decided that I might as well go in there .
7 I do n't think I 'll get much sleep tonight anyway so I might as well save it for food or something . ’
8 She might as well have been eating spam .
9 Anything less and we might as well not do it at all .
10 We might as well be praying ! ’
11 If they kept to themselves , the whole northern end of the area might as well be written off .
12 So : up there they are with us , some of them ; but here we might as well be among foreigners .
13 The government put this here after ‘ Forty-six because they wanted one spot of safety in a wilderness of hatred , and because they thought they might as well get some good of this country once they 'd ruined it .
14 On the tragedy and the hilarity of being in an uncomfortable place : Yasser Arafat jokes that he lives in an aeroplane because being made homeless , he might as well live in the air .
15 Some people even leave notes on the front door for a delivery man — you might as well put an invitation in the front garden .
16 He might as well ask the reader to believe in those supremely credible terrorized musicians scraping and blowing through the small hours .
17 But what is unavoidable may still be undesirable , and one might as well say so .
18 However , the poem that opens the volume , ‘ Ego Dominus Tuus ’ , is in the form of an inconclusive dialogue between two persons ‘ Hic ’ and ‘ Ille ’ , who it is generally agreed might as well be named at certain points as ‘ Ez ’ and ‘ Willie ’ .
19 If this is so , then it seems that for ‘ the art one serves ’ one might as well read : the culture one serves , the historical period one serves , even the society one serves ( perhaps an international society ) .
20 But Elaine says that despite this help , she might as well be in an institution .
21 WHEN Saul Bellow wrote of America as the place where the ‘ modern action ’ is , he might as well have included the whole continent : Central and South America , with their chaotic flux of civil wars , bloody massacres , assassinations , coups and putsches , are about as modern as the action gets .
22 ‘ Having committed one offence and been given a criminal recordfor innocent hacking , they may feel that they might as well get in a bit deeper . ’
23 Carr drove home fundamental points , but said nothing about the actual working practices of historians , and , in his inspirational advocacy of a new kind of socialist history , left students with the impression that the solid , source-based stuff which formed their staple diet might as well be cast into the dustbin .
24 In some ways I might as well have been in the Outer Hebrides , Now everyone 's got a car it 's difficult to explain how isolated somewhere like Kensal Green used to be in those days .
25 If you 're administering , you might as well administer something that is new and challenging rather than doing something I had been doing all my life .
26 You might as well wait yourself to see if there 's anything for the house . ’
27 ‘ We might as well go with you so , ’ Moran said and Rose got up eagerly .
28 ‘ But he might as well have this before getting up . ’
29 ‘ We might as well say the Rosary now , ’ he announced when he put pencil and paper away , taking out his beads and letting them dangle loudly .
30 There had been no real objective , except a vague idea that if conditions were good Hvannadalshnúkur might as well be climbed .
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