Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] to " in BNC.

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1 The timing of such an arrangement would be crucial if adverse American reaction was to be avoided ; it was believed that the first approaches should be to the Dominions , followed by the USA , USSR , and China , culminating in a full international conference .
2 Soft ground is essential for Yahoo and conditions should be to his liking , although if he could not beat Desert Orchid in the Cheltenham bog it is difficult to visualise him doing it at Kempton .
3 Some Ministers told him the switch should be to income tax ; others , including Kenneth Baker , the home secretary , suggested VAT .
4 Entry should be to Chris Ebrey on a standard entry card with division marked and a note to indicate whether available to assist for Friday 's practice runs .
5 This kind of gossip and these misunderstandings only served to bring home to him how grateful he should be to Theo , who was now a believer and supported him willingly .
6 A number of respondents make the point that when the Cadbury proposals refer to NEDs bringing independent judgment to bear on board decisions , the reference should be to independent directors .
7 It is that the directors ' accountability should be to those who do not direct but who are nevertheless committed to the company .
8 Of particular importance today , it was agreed , was what the Church 's attitude should be to non Mass-going parents seeking baptism for their child .
9 A number of important points emerged from the Vice-President 's speech indicating the creation of more coherent Government attitudes to the press : these concerned its role , the limits there should be to its activities and the relationship it ought to have with the Government .
10 Its responsibility should be to the administration of the amateur game , the clubs , the schools , the counties , indoor facilities , to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment on a mass scale throughout the country .
11 You will know how many rows there should be to the inch ( centimetre ) , all you need to do is to work a number of rows less than given in the instructions before finishing the sleeve .
12 If the convention as anti-parliament is understood as assuming that the people 's wishes must prevail , that the convention better expressed those wishes than parliament and therefore in any contest between the two popular loyalty should be to the convention , as abolitionists employed it in the 1830s , it was closer to a focus for intensifying ‘ pressure from without ’ than an alternative to parliament .
13 Many other members of the Organising Committee felt , however , that the devolution of power in generation should be to the smaller areas covered by the fourteen Area Boards .
14 As H. M. Colvin has observed ‘ what Reims and St Denis were to the house of Capet , Westminster should be to the house of Plantagenet ’ .
15 Given that industrial democracy , defined as the ultimate right and duty of the men and women working in an industrial enterprise to call management to account for its performance , and , if that performance does not satisfy them , to replace management , is desirable in principle and as a means of making the efficient conduct of the enterprise their natural concern ; recognising that the rights of use attaching to ownership , whether in the private or public sector , are inalienable ; recognising the value in general of competition as a means of keeping production and provision sensitive to public needs and tastes , and as a means of relating the distribution of resources to them ; to consider ( i ) in what sort of industrial organisation would industrial democracy be feasible ; ( ii ) how far and in what circumstances would the adoption of such a form of organisation be feasible ; ( iii ) by what means should its adoption be promoted and how long would it take to establish it as a characteristic feature in the industrial scene ; ( iv ) what part should trade unions play in its promotion and adoption and what changes would that part require in their functions as they are commonly understood ; and ( v ) where in the case of a particular industry , or organisation , the general interest requires that accountability should be to the public at large , considered for example as consumers or users of goods produced or beneficiaries from services provided , what compensatory measures should be introduced so as to make good as far as possible the permanent denial to employees of a right which is in principle generally desirable ?
16 " I know I have n't always been what a husband should be to you — but that does n't mean I do n't appreciate and admire your beauty . "
17 Your initial approach should be to your own local councillor(s) ( those serving on the Leisure and Amenities Committee are particularly useful ) .
18 Nor did he dismiss it outright , though he said that my first duty should be to my family , with which of course I concurred .
19 It is a matter of total indifference to me , as it should be to the hon. Member for Swansea , East ( Mr. Anderson ) .
20 It had made its participation conditional on the undertaking that at least 60 per cent of the bank 's total lending should be to the private sector , with no more than 40 per cent for infrastructure projects .
21 The preposition here should be to .
22 The union was not opposed to devolving school budgets , he argued , but it should be to an extent decided by each local authority .
23 I 've got a new car and it 's already got 23,000 on the clock , and three-quarters of that must be to the club . ’
24 ‘ A clinician 's first duty must be to the patient , ’ said one .
25 The more the star has moved at the end of the Earth 's journey of 186 million miles , the closer it must be to the solar system .
26 This , to repeat a point made earlier , does not mean that their sole role must be to further the interest of each or of all their subjects .
27 The message to the consumer of these services , if he or she is dissatisfied , must be to ‘ vote with your feet ’ .
28 Oh how wonderful it must be to be an indie musician !
29 If Labour is to have a role in Scotland , then it surely must be to be in the forefront of that fight with the Scottish people .
30 Further to Micheal Meacher 's article on the censorship of whistleblower ( ‘ Shut up or get out ’ , 1 May ) , nurses , midwives and health visitors are clearly enjoined by their regulatory body , the United Kingdom Central Council ( UKCC ) , that their first loyalty must be to their patients or clients .
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