Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 You may have been in they may been in the infants when
2 So it should been in it !
3 Parents who leave the kids with the babysitter and go out because they feel they should are among the biggest culprits .
4 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand , and shalt be for frontlets between thine eyes .
5 As I have argued previously , this should be through a national market for research , which would be open to research hospitals all over Britain .
6 Nothing is barred , except that your subject ( which is , note , not the same thing as your deeper theme ) should involve crime of some sort and that your presentation of it should be in a manner that will entertain , which is almost the same thing as saying it should be through a progressing story .
7 The genius of English painting was turning to the grandeur and the detail of Nature — Turner , Constable , Wright of Derby , Gainsborough — all coming here , sometimes no more than a few yards from the wood in which Mary was now making her way , also driven by the strange , indefinable current of change , as powerful and mysterious as the turn of a tide , which now decreed that the study of man should be through Nature .
8 True , the music can rise to great lyric moments , but it should be through the words and not in spite of them .
9 OK , said Neville , but if they were going to make the trip it should be through Asia .
10 Release of part of the reserve should be through the project manager .
11 This document accepts that the traditional trade union approach to employee representation has been that the single channel for th for the representation should be through trade union membership now just listen to this colleagues .
12 ‘ The Government should be under no illusion about our preparedness to see this dispute through , ’ he said , adding there would be no threat to emergency services .
13 Your hands should be under your thighs .
14 Our kings and emperors , who take the place of the almighty ruler in this world , are set above all other pastors ; and it is entirely incongruous that those whom Christ , mindful of his flock , has constituted princes of this earth [ i.e. bishops ] , should be under the dominion of any but those who excel all mortals by the blessing of God and the glory of their crown .
15 No-one , though , should be under any illusions as to how difficult it is going to be .
16 The Law Commission committee says that this principle is not good enough ; sellers should be under a legal duty to reveal everything they know and ought to know about their property — which would oblige them to carry out a survey before offering it for sale .
17 The Royal Commission thought that the police should be under a duty to inform detainees .
18 This suggests that to the criteria for trust wording a further one should be added : that the words be not only ‘ mediate ’ ( in the sense that they do not attribute property directly to the beneficiary ) but that they should also unequivocally attest the testator 's intention that a trustee should be under a legal obligation to a beneficiary .
19 If pulses ( the bean family ) are combined with nuts and grains , or seeds ( sunflower , pumpkin , sesame , etc. ) then the body should be under no risk of protein deficiency .
20 This is as it should be under the constitution of the United Kingdom .
21 I do not feel that any harm will come to those people who experience spontaneous regression in such a way , as any group involved in the higher levels of meditation should be under the control of a qualified and experienced teacher or leader who will be on hand to control the situation and to help should the pupil find himself in emotional difficulty .
22 But nobody should be under the illusion that it is likely to solve any problems .
23 It does seem odd that this fairly sophisticated sander should be under the d-i-y Black & Decker brand , and not the company 's professional Proline flag .
24 Perhaps a satisfactory solution would be that a signatory State should be under an obligation to publicise a positive decision not to ratify a treaty .
25 Meanwhile the situation between the government , the union and the Shipowners ' Federation had proceeded almost to the point of agreement in principle on a National Maritime Board and a proposal from Havelock Wilson that a single source of supply of seamen should be under the joint control of the Federation and the union , though formal acceptance and drafting problems remained ; so did the Liverpool revolt .
26 ‘ To have intercourse with a woman who is not your wife is , even today , not generally considered to be a course of conduct which the law ought positively to encourage and it can be argued with force that it is only fair to the woman and not in the least unfair to the man that he should be under a duty to take reasonable care to ascertain that she is consenting to the intercourse and be at the risk of a prosecution if he fails to take such care . ’
27 I say the churches belong with the land , and all should be under Durham and York . ’
28 There is no necessity for the agreement for lease to be under seal as the promise to grant and accept the lease will be adequate consideration , and although it is suggested that the agreement should be under seal if one or more of the parties is a company ( to secure the presumption of due execution ) in practice this is not usually done .
29 In the five years since this judgment , Parliament has shown little interest , although the Labour Party has endorsed a proposal that those in the distribution business should be under a legal obligation to supply any publication requested by their customers — a reform which would require abolition of the rule that distributors can be held responsible for particular defamations of which they have no knowledge but which are nonetheless contained in libel-prone publications .
30 Erm but it it 's not just the views of the settlement which I think should be under consideration here .
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