Example sentences of "[vb mod] [verb] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 When she touches me , I shall be hers for all time , and when she touches me , I shall be so hungry for her , that I may hurt her .
2 First , as long as other politically defined goals may override them , the power of market proxies to control management behaviour is limited .
3 In such cases while talking of a person as being an authority one refrains from talking of him as in authority over oneself , and avoids regarding his advice or instructions as binding , even when , given one 's goals , one ought to treat it in exactly the same way as one treats a binding authoritative directive .
4 Sports heroes and pop stars provide images for teenagers , who may imitate them and style themselves upon them .
5 ‘ So , you are saying that , although you do n't miss sex now , you are worried about it and wonder if you ought to miss it ? ’ said the counsellor .
6 Prisoners are brought up to date with new legislation that may affect them , such as housing and social security .
7 I mean , some may affect me one way , the next person they ask , affected another way , so they get two different opinions , do n't they .
8 Each of these are covered in this leaflet as each may affect you personally when deciding whether to take the HIV antibody test .
9 ‘ Because the diplomacy may affect you , too .
10 The seeds are all the external influences that tend to throw us out of balance and they may affect us on any level of our being ; on the physical level it may be something simple like being exposed to a cold wind , getting soaked in the rain or even some form of trauma .
11 If your timing is right , Positive ideas of this kind may well give her hope and encouragement , but they should not be introduced too early in the grieving process , or she may regard them almost as an insult to the depth of her sorrow at a time when she is not yet ready to look to the future .
12 He may regard them as curious examples of another civilization or occasionally view with incredulity the ways of city people and industrial workers , but he will only regard them with envy when television reinforces the evaluations already implanted personally by friends and kin with whom he identifies .
13 He may regard me as an amateur but the fact is that , due to physical difficulties , I can not pull and twist in a horizontal mode and so I invoked gravity to assist .
14 After all , when our western doctor 's diagnosis or treatment turns out to be ineffective we may regard him as a useless quack , but we do not also conclude that the entire system of medical science is erroneous .
15 Any gynaecological illness , even a Caesarian operation , and he may regard her as unfit for sex and therefore useless : and he will go back to Bangladesh and marry again .
16 This can be a helpful approach in discussion — someone may regard you as stubborn , whereas you see yourself as determined .
17 But if the other party does n't use this level of response themselves , they may regard you as insincere or phoney .
18 Academics regard bias as a sin , but others may regard it as a virtue .
19 For example , Christians may regard it as an expression of Christian love to convert others to Christ , and they may consider it their moral duty to urge men to follow Christ .
20 It is true that today 's speakers , not knowing the origins of generic he , may regard it as just a feature of grammar .
21 We may regard it as sharing with positivism the view that the significant features of a legal system ( that is , its aims and components ) can be adequately understood without reference to the political or economic realities in which the legal systems operates .
22 For that reason , however inadequate some people may regard it , I was a firmly convinced supporter of Biafra and made various futile efforts during the war to persuade Harold Wilson to a like view .
23 ' ’ This may fool it into thinking you are not afraid and therefore more powerful than it is . ’ ‘
24 ‘ But I 'm too hungry to think about it , so let's eat it first , and then if it turns out to be wrong to eat it , I promise to be very sorry . ’
25 Some USM companies do feel neglected by the financial community , but the easing of the rules for transferring to a full listing may assuage them .
26 ( I remember he once said about a Mondrian — ‘ It is n't whether you like it , but whether you ought to like it ’ — I mean , he dislikes abstract art on principle .
27 The larger donors will use their leverage to influence policy ; an NGO official in a district may lord it over his Mozambican counterparts .
28 It follows that co-operative R&D is likely to raise total R&D spending if participants produce complementary products , and it may lower it if they produce substitute products .
29 According to Millward ; " There is a severe risk to marine organisms and ultimately humans who may eat them . "
30 Over-committing yourself to a foot sweep may expose you to your opponent 's full point counter
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