Example sentences of "[subord] i 've " in BNC.

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1 You 're a wonderful s you 're a wonderful speaker but wait til I 've finished .
2 oh hang on a minute , wait til I 've finished please
3 So often in my life , where I 've made a mistake , it has been by taking the soft option .
4 And that includes the London School of Economics , where I 've lectured for years . ’
5 His tone is friendly but the questions are direct : where I 've been , who I 've talked to , what I 'm doing that day .
6 To be frank with you , I 've never found a space in a lead break where I 've felt like using a whammy move . ’
7 Holyfield keeps popping into the Olympic Boxing Hall where I 've spent so many evenings in Barcelona .
8 BECAUSE DUDLEY MOORE has been told to turn up at his restaurant at Venice Beach , California at 2.30 pm to tell me his version of the story of his life , then Dudley Moore more or less dudleys into his restaurant at Venice Beach , California and joins me at a corner table where I 've been waiting to hear his story .
9 That , and my only tape , ‘ Shepherd Moons ’ , reminding me of where I 've been and where I 've come from .
10 where I 've never been , and , on the wall ,
11 Where I 've wet it what 's it done to it ?
12 And what will happen when Spiderglass ( a dark , tentacled threat ) finds out where I 've gone ?
13 " Where I 've got a job .
14 Could you come with men There are a lot of things I want to talk about , and it would be easier in my office , where I 've got maps and things . "
15 I was surging down Sunset Boulevard : purely on impulse I hung a left near Scheldt 's , where I 've seen these sweet little black chicks parading in tiny pastel running-shorts …
16 You 've never asked me , not once , how anything has gone , or where I 've been or whom I 've seen . "
17 We are standing in that kitchen where I 've shared her meals and laughter , and she finishes drying the glass and places it carefully on the table .
18 Where I 've been for the past 200 years or so , we count ourselves lucky if we still have one . ’
19 ‘ And where I 've been is none of your damned business .
20 Near it is a fallen tree where I 've sat to watch the pair come and go . ’
21 ( Apart from the last 2 bleak and miserable years , where I 've only managed to get to about 10 games because of my new secret life as a student . )
22 Where I 've been involved with the marketing groups to bring advertising .
23 Where I 've just dug .
24 Where I 've just dug there .
25 Well where I 've put me bricks they 're
26 I do n't where I 've put the thing .
27 where I 've put that
28 where I 've dropped it for , well then , it 's the toilet brush you see , I 've been going like this with the toilet
29 ‘ I do n't know anything except I 've done something unforgivable and you have to help me undo it .
30 And I like Lovejoy , except I 've missed but they 're repeats , but I never saw it the first time .
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