Example sentences of "[subord] i give " in BNC.

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1 I was obliged to write essays … where I gave myself up to an almost purely artistic rendering of such facts as I remembered , and such opinions as I could concoct by the help of memory , fancy , and the radical and the free-thinking influence of home …
2 Any more than I give more than an irritated passing thought to turning up a heater when the temperature drops .
3 ‘ Well , if it 's sexual she has less discrimination than I gave her credit for . ’
4 It 's a bit annoying like , cos I ca n't remember , so I give Marie back the pictures .
5 The fish gives a little , so I give a little , which is a mistake , for the fish takes advantage of my generosity and dives again for whatever refuge it seeks under the raft .
6 I 'm frightened of these teenagers so I give in to their demands for money .
7 So I gave him a clip across the back and told him ‘ No ! ’
8 ‘ I do n't really believe in marriage , but I did n't want to lose my husband either , so I gave in , ’ she explains .
9 There were a lot of young drunks staggering about , too — most at that noisy and unattractive stage where they might want to be your pal or pick a fight or just throw up on you , so I gave them a wide berth .
10 His Spanish was almost non-existent , and he did not know how to study a foreign language , so I gave him lessons .
11 It seemed she expected an answer , so I gave it .
12 By this time I was frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog in walking boots with the effort of running in the heat , so I gave in and resumed normal speed .
13 When Nicklaus did finally track me down he told me the bag was still mine if I wanted it , but I told him I 'd already committed myself , so I gave up the chance .
14 I had visions of a nomad 's only camel eating it and dying , so I gave chase , watching the dust from my feet overtake me .
15 After half an hour I was still waiting , so I gave him an experimental pull and the hook came back minus the barbel .
16 I thought that I was being stupid , so I gave it up .
17 While it was charming I was not at all happy there so I gave up the grandiose life and moved over to the Peel Street YMCA .
18 ‘ Well he needed a refill so I gave him a hand to push his hand cart into Berkeley last night .
19 I had one , Justin had one , Joanna had one and mummy had one , so I gave daddy a bit of mine . ’
20 There 's at least one track from all eight albums , and two tracks are from a live album , so I gave it to a wonderful guy called Jonathan Downs from the Fan Club , who knows an awful lot that I 'd forgotten myself , or never even knew !
21 I went around being nice to children for a while , being a sort of modern Pied Piper , but I learnt that they 're a manipulative lot and crazy for money , literally crazy for it , so I gave them the elbow .
22 But Mary was out so I gave him the letter and began to tell him about the trouble at home .
23 I was scared of them but I was n't going to let them get away so I gave them a good run for their money .
24 That means he thought Maureen was his mother , so I gave him to her .
25 All the same , heavy coughing always meant the possibility of water on the lungs which in turn could lead to pneumonia , so I gave her an injection of vitamin K , to thicken the blood , a sleeping pill , some linctus which contained a tiny amount of morphine , and also told her , ‘ Take one of these pills every morning for a week . ’
26 but around 1950 I began to realise that this was n't getting me anywhere , so I gave up painting with oil paints and began instead to draw with oils .
27 I glanced quickly at it but found it too difficult to understand , so I gave it back .
28 Brian needed to shit so I gave him a plastic bag and then left it in the bathroom .
29 He kept stealing Nigel 's food , so I gave him a bowl of his own every day . ’
30 Ssamois with polenta the centrepiece of the Menu Gastronomico Valdostano , so I gave that a wide berth .
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