Example sentences of "[subord] [vb mod] give " in BNC.

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1 This led to a vast number of prosecutions , usually in the magistrates ' court , because the authorities were quite careful about alleging that less damage had occurred than would give the protesters the option of having a jury trial , something for which most of them would have very happily volunteered .
2 It was held that he was not guilty of theft because there was no such special arrangement as would give rise to the obligation in s.5(3) .
3 2.18 The purpose of the award is not to give the dependants such sums as would give them an annual income equal to the dependency .
4 ( 2 ) If on an application under this section the applicant lodges with the board , instead of the plan mentioned in paragraph ( b ) of subsection ( 1 ) above , a plan sufficient to identify the site of the premises , together with such description of the premises as will give a general indication of their proposed size and character ( with reference in particular to the sale of alcoholic liquor ) , then ( a ) the licensing board shall deal with the application as if made under subsection 1 ) above ; but ( b ) any provisional grant of a licence made on an application under this subsection shall become ineffective unless affirmed by the licensing board on application made to the board to that effect within 12 months of the provisional grant of the licence , any such application being accompanied by a plan of the premises .
5 I suppose it will be you as will give them their titles ? ’
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