Example sentences of "[v-ing] been for " in BNC.

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1 Nader Nadirpur came home late having been for a drive along the Bois de Boulogne to calm his nerves after a particularly bad day .
2 The Child Poverty Action Group might also be seen as an expert and appropriate group to raise social security matters , having been for many years active in campaigning on such matters .
3 In 1979 Mrs. Nancy O'Donnell also retired , having been for 23 years an indispensable part of School life — catering for numbers large or small , brewing tea and coffee , selling biscuits outside Room 18 , applying plasters to wounded knees or offering sympathy to wounded spirits .
4 Lucker drops out of nowhere having been for a pee .
5 Detailing the " ruthless " abuse of human rights against opponents of the regime , the report said that many executions were officially described as having been for drug-trafficking offences , adding that prisoners had no recourse to legal counsel or right to appeal .
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