Example sentences of "[vb base] been for " in BNC.

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1 Some of Britain 's rivers are now cleaner than they 've been for years .
2 He and his wife , Nellie , live in a Home in an outer city suburb where they 've been for fifteen months .
3 From the mid-'50s , where we 've been for quite some time , we 're suddenly into the '60s , 1961 in fact , and a finger-picked instrumental written by Chet Atkins , entitled Trambone .
4 ‘ The improvement and the form suggests it 's the best Welsh pack since the Triple Crown in 1988 , so yes I 'm more optimistic than I 've been for some time ’ , said the 43-year-old ‘ Panther ’ , who is now a schoolmaster in Swansea .
5 ‘ Ethel turned me into a frog and that 's where I 've been for the last day , and it was her fault .
6 ‘ I 'm better than I 've been for a long time . ’
7 I can have one of these now I 've been the worst I 've been for about six months I really !
8 Oh , I wish I could have continued as I 've been for the last year or so , with no hopes or fears , and no pleasures and no sadness . ’
9 ‘ I 'm happier than I 've been for years , ’ she said quietly .
10 ‘ Where I 've been for the past 200 years or so , we count ourselves lucky if we still have one . ’
11 That 's where we 've been for the last twenty years so erm this company er that was already doing it and we bought it into the er into the fold .
12 ‘ I took it up as a form of exercise in Germany , where I 've been for the past two years , ’ he said yesterday .
13 Perhaps they 've been for their walk , this one looks as if he 's so old he can hardly !
14 You 're alright , you , you 've been for fifteen years
15 It takes you a long while to realise what a twit you 've been for so long .
16 You 've been for a walk eh ?
17 I 'm just getting now because erm erm I 've been for an aud not an audition .
18 I 've been for an interview with Mencap .
19 Just even I 've been for a wee !
20 Surely they 've been for the last four years and they must or do they just keep it at eighty one then they go to ninety ?
21 But if China really is now backing peace and free elections , the signs are more hopeful than they 've been for a decade .
22 And that 's moved them no less than three places up the second division table , they 're higher than I think they 've been for many a long day .
23 Have been for over a week .
24 Most of them , perhaps , were doctors , government servants of one degree or another ; a few were farmers ( I can think of one , still remembered ) and some were just friends , as I myself have been for the Bakgatia and , I hope , for the whole new country of Botswana .
25 If they 're offered , as they have been for years and years ever since the industrial revolution , things that have been cynically designed for the working classes , is it surprising that we have a nation of people who are supposed to have no visual standards ?
26 Her students , she says , are well prepared for Europe , and have been for a long time .
27 The Faroe Islands are self-governing , but have been for many years a colony of Denmark , and still rely on the government of the old mother country for international representation .
28 As for people in Leeds being sick of the Manc hype , people in Manchester are sick of the Manc hype and have been for as long as people from Leeds have been tramping across the moors in their flares and Kickers to buy ‘ God created Manchester ’ tops and to dance at the Haçienda .
29 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
30 There ought to be a space or an empty page or maybe even a change of typography to show that I have been for the past three and a half hours out in the streets or sitting full of thought on that gilded and trembling bridge over these lazy waters .
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