Example sentences of "[vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Any information so discovered must be confined to the authority empowered by the warrant to discover it , and may not be disclosed to private persons or private bodies .
2 He was , however , concerned that information obtained by the SFO might be disclosed to other authorities , and might be used by them for a prosecution ; this concern did not lead him to believe that it would be proper to order the disclosure of the transcript to the SFO without any conditions .
3 The Company holds personal information on its employees on computer files and , in accordance with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1984 , undertakes that such information will only be used for purposes relevant to your employment with the Company and will not be disclosed to other bodies without your permission .
4 It may then direct that the records or documents be disclosed to other parties to the proceedings .
5 We 've designed to modern standards which means there 's less space but the properties are as good if not better than similar properties in the private sector
6 In his view , then , the functionalist approach to inequality is nothing else than an ideology designed to legitimate this same inequality .
7 Sue and Richard instantly commented on how relaxing it was to drive : smooth handling and seats designed to orthopaedic specifications make for a comfortable journey .
8 Needlework and laundrywork provided an effective class and gender strategy , designed to prepared the prostitute for her correct place in the female labour force and to re-educate her into an approved feminine role .
9 But hosiery companies are fighting back this Christmas with some flamboyant stockings and tights designed to liven up the festive party season .
10 The Faithful Foundation has declined to explain or clarify its statement.But if it was designed to wrong foot protesters they 've failed .
11 The new system is designed to high quality standards to appeal to large corporations and blue chip companies such as banks and building societies .
12 The aqueduct was designed to British Waterways Board specification by Messrs Scott , Wilson , Kirkpatrick and Partners .
13 The second part is a V version of the 68040 for laptop computers : it adds power-saving circuitry designed to double battery life .
14 This A-2 jacket is designed to exacting Army Air Corp standards and is upgraded from the original horsehide to luxurious goatskin leather .
15 Capital products are designed to exacting Crabtree standards , and are available in moulded , right through to metal plate and metal-clad finishes .
16 The works comprises an old works designed to Royal Commission standards completed in 1965 , being the first activated sludge plant in West Lothian and a new works with similar process completed in 1975 .
17 Illustrations and photographs can be maximised to full screen size if required , or set up to load as a full screen image every time instead of just half screen .
18 Even the Kadets , though deeply committed to major social reform and full constitutional democracy , were fiercely critical of continued revolutionary activity .
19 We also know how deeply a person is committed to certain intellectual concepts .
20 We are committed to prudent exploration and will direct efforts to ventures which offer significant potential .
21 A joint ANC-government statement issued after a meeting between President F. W. de Klerk and ANC deputy president Nelson Mandela on Nov. 27 indicated that both sides were committed to peaceful negotiation , and confirmed that their dialogue was to continue .
22 By the same token the most vociferous upholders of monogeny , the thesis that all men are members of a single species , have often been deeply committed to political doctrines of social equality .
23 While they advocated and worked for such extensions of democracy the European social democratic parties , whether or not they claimed to be Marxist and revolutionary , were also , for the most part , firmly committed to political democracy in the narrower sense ; and where the necessary conditions were present — the legal existence of socialist parties , elections conducted on the basis of ( at least ) universal male suffrage , and participation in parliament and government — they made plain that although they did not renounce extra-parliamentary forms of class action they envisaged the transition from capitalism to socialism as coming about through the will of a majority of citizens , clearly and publicly expressed in elections .
24 The British consul in Israel maintained that Hurd 's statements to the politicians had been misunderstood , that the UK remained committed to Palestinian self-determination , and that the question of whether or not this led to an independent state was a Palestinian issue .
25 The civil bureaucracy as a whole was never committed to liberal democracy .
26 Geographical distance is no bar they will , for instance , happily protest about the doings of governments or individuals on the other side of the world , but only if those governments or individuals are white , European in culture and committed to liberal democracy .
27 Tower Hamlets is committed to effective implementation of its Equal Opportunities Policy .
28 Does not the Secretary of State understand that it is precisely because the TGWU is so committed to effective training and the future expansion of British industry that it is not prepared to give credence to the Government 's sham arrangements ?
29 Their position was not altogether consistent , since they were committed to professional standards of achievement within the discipline , and , as they were paid to engage in it , were themselves professionals .
30 Well the trend though over all is absolutely clear , that the Labour Party is committed to increasing women 's representation and is absolutely on that path , we 've more Labour women MP s and increasing numbers of women in the shadow cabinet it 's only in the end of the nineteen eighties , as recently as then , that we had no women in the shadow cabinet , now everybody agrees that it would look quite wrong not to have women in the shadow cabinet , we 've got a woman deputy leader , three women in the shadow cabinet , and therefore we 're definitely moving forward .
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