Example sentences of "[vb pp] a [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Just after the agreement was announced , Sarajevo Radio reported that Yugoslav fighter jets had launched new attacks on Croat-populated villages in western Bosnia and that army units had surrounded a strategic Muslim-populated town east of the Neretva river .
2 The area has been sealed off and police marksmen have surrounded a local shop .
3 She 's delighted a local team has won .
4 She is wished a long , healthy and happy retirement by everyone .
5 He cleared away the grass and disclosed a narrow opening descending into the darkness .
6 A search of the National Biomedical Research Foundation protein database disclosed a strong homology to human ICAM-1 and -2 and the intervals between cysteine residues are conserved between the presented sequence and ICAM-1 .
7 He said a survey had disclosed a gloomy picture of growing waiting lists , homelessness , and repair problems .
8 Also this week , Fininvest , the Italian master company of Silvio Berlusconi , disclosed a 1 per cent stake in Saatchi 's .
9 Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC , sitting at Southwark Crown Court , said the case had disclosed a disturbing picture of the use of ‘ a wide range of dangerous drugs ’ by customers at Darby 's parties .
10 Dand had disclosed a non-beneficial interest at 31 December 1991 , were disposed of before 31 December 1992 .
11 This survey disclosed a considerable disparity in levels of unmet need in subjects whose sole regular contact was with health professionals ( subgroups A to D ) compared with those reassessed on a multidisciplinary basis by health and social services personnel .
12 When the Kruskall-Wallis test disclosed a significant p value , the Mann-Whitney U test was carried out in order to detect where the differences occur .
13 Delaporte Establishment — the nominee company which emerged earlier this week with a significant shareholding in merchant bank Morgan Grenfell — yesterday disclosed a 1.13 per cent Ferranti stake .
14 I 've designed a new yacht which we believe stands an excellent chance of winning the next round-the-world race .
15 To celebrate the launch of the new AES we have designed a new logo and a new style for the AES publications .
16 ‘ Now there is no need for wasting time with plastic surgery as Elizabeth Arden has designed a new cream for conquering those misshapen noses . ’
17 At the end of the gallery Mr Molloy has designed a tall wooden column inspired by the vertical nature of hangul , the Korean script , which has been inscribed with part of a Korean poem cycle .
18 This was an ingenious wheelchair attached to the front of a bicycle ; and lastly as I left , I had a word with Stefan Sielaff from Germany , who had designed a fantastic three-wheeled single seater vehicle in fibreglass , that was catching everyone 's eye !
19 Nothing daunted , the BBC 's engineers have designed a clever re-recording technique for receiving the sound and this could help them to win a prestigious international prize next month .
20 Hairdresser to the stars and current hairdresser of the year , Trevor Sorbie has designed a superb hair care system .
21 Having designed a modern airframe , airfoil section and chosen the best of modern and traditional materials , they now produce a range of aircraft based on the basic airframe .
22 The British , with experience gained in the Boer War , had designed a standard rifle , light and holding the maximum number of rounds for fast , aimed fire at a specific target .
23 Can only assume this was designed a long time ago , say roughly 1983 ; surely even Peter Snow must now realise that a Labour landslide is rather more likely than a Tory one .
24 Whilst at Penn 's he designed a high-speed steam engine which had all its working parts totally enclosed and splash-lubricated , a radical departure from contemporary practice .
25 In addition , the centre completely designed a parallel operating system , Paros , for the European Community SuperNode II project .
26 I have designed a special celebration menu for you today .
27 To give more effective stripping , 3M has designed a special Stripping Tool which , unlike wire wool , will not stain wood with rust spots , while also speeding up stripping on flat surfaces .
28 The Royal Bank of Scotland has designed a special account that allows you to provide for your children 's future and enable these savings to grow steadily over the years .
29 Originally they were cumbersome , but Marconi have now designed a lightweight model .
30 Caterers from Lexington were providing a banquet , and the local bakery had designed a huge oval birthday cake .
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