Example sentences of "[vb pp] the next " in BNC.

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1 But he is unlikely to have foreseen the next blow .
2 He moved and the slaves cowered back , as if , thought Nuadu , they had witnessed the next part before and feared it even more than the mutilating of the boy .
3 But those more than hints of fine ensemble playing were amply realised the next night in the Dvorak , elegant and warm , crafted with care , and in Strauss 's Serenade from Capriccio .
4 Miraculously , her mind had n't altered the next day , as it often does .
5 Having answered this part of the questionnaire , the informants were then given the next paragraph of the story : The informants were then asked whether this explained the mismatch of the previous paragraph .
6 He was to be joined the next day by his mistress , Felicity .
7 She had fully expected to be dismissed the next morning , but nothing was said and she did n't ask .
8 Posters appeared in some villages advertising what was intended the next market day and calling on " one and all " to join in .
9 She saw then he had lifted the next tray from the box .
10 The National Health Service was a genuine concern to many people , and for this and similar reasons , he believed , Margaret Thatcher could not possibly have won the next election for the Tories .
11 I can have them fried the next day .
12 21–7 Between 200 and 300 Glasgow Fair visitors were brought by the steamer " Islay " and more were expected the next two days .
13 This leaven was added the next time baking bread was done .
14 The patient was discharged the next day .
15 They must have caught the next wave .
16 But when all has been considered the next and final step is the survey itself .
17 I then counted three needles each to the right and left and transferred the next stitch to adjacent needles as well , leaving the empty needles in non-working position .
18 MICHAEL Blackburn was yesterday named the next chief executive of the Halifax , Britain 's biggest building society .
19 The clause on which they finally agreed and which was adopted the next day as part of the constitution , read instead : Persons who can hear , taking an active interest in the welfare or education of the deaf and dumb , shall be eligible for admission to ordinary membership on the recommendation of five ordinary members of the Association .
20 You do not need to send your releases to everyone who might be interested if this is likely to delay getting them into the post ; that can always be done the next morning .
21 But he 's done the next best thing by getting himself a uniform and a car .
22 . I suppose what we should of done is , done the next one along the drop down there and then matched it all up backwards is n't it ?
23 But if he 'll get it done , he 'll get it done the next it 's one less thing .
24 We have n't done the next one at all .
25 ROOTPACK1 has selected the next approved version of APCK , [ 01.01 ] .
26 ROOTPACK1 has selected the next approved version of DPCK , [ 01.01 ] .
27 ROOTPACK1 has selected the next approved version of APCK , [ 01.01 ] .
28 ROOTPACK1 has selected the next approved version of DPCK , [ 01.01 ] .
29 Erm , the first one is called a lapse erm , and that happens when the person who 's speaking , has n't selected the next speaker , or nobody who 's self-selected .
30 The young dog was shot the next day .
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