Example sentences of "[vb pp] be for " in BNC.

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1 The amounts given are for a tank :
2 It should be stressed that the figures given are for manufactures only and do not include exports of primary products or raw materials .
3 The holes drilled are for light weight — and they are just that .
4 Unless otherwise specified , the futures contracts reported are for the USA .
5 The two items in the struggle for the liberty of the Church to which Anselm was committed were for him not negotiable either by himself or the successor of the pope who had declared lay investiture and clerical homage to be irreconcilable with the law of the Church .
6 What the advancing Germans occupied were for the most part clusters of shell-holes , where isolated groups of men lived and slept and died defending their ‘ position ’ with grenade and pick-helve .
7 Because there is this impasse between what the officers wanted to do and what the residents find acceptable the only way I can get this matter resolved is for the council to refer the possible closure to the committee so that the committee can consider all the facts er in the light of the advice of the officers erm and I therefore beg to move this .
8 One possibility being considered is for solar power to be used to pump downstream water back up to the main reservoir , so restoring the head of water needed to generate hydro-electric power .
9 Few of the learned tomes that have been written are for the domestic consumer and contain few , if any , recipes to lighten the technical detail .
10 Orders commonly sought are for the delivery of pleadings and particulars , and for discovery , and , as may be appropriate , for the following : ( 1 ) Amendment of pleadings and change of parties where leave is necessary .
11 While everyone agreed the changes in living standards since the film was made were for the better , there was some nostalgia for farming as it was when they were young .
12 What needs to be done is for the leaders who gather in Edinburgh to accept all that and begin to forge the new kind of European Community which is needed .
13 The ultimate sanction and one which is most commonly applied is for the mortgagee to sell .
14 ‘ The worst mistake that could be made is for the rich to apply conditionality to new aid and loans . ’
15 So on 13 and 14 March the best that could be done was for him to give Harwell full details and let them get on with it themselves ( see Chapter 7 ) .
16 Everything he had done was for this final purpose , " that I might dwell among them " ( Exodus 29:43–46 ) .
17 Everything he had ever done was for the woman he could not forget .
18 ‘ The first day 's threshing I done was for a man by the name of Rogers , Harry Rogers .
19 The data prepared was for directories such as Crockford 's Clerical Directory and the OUP General Catalogue .
20 Nevertheless the rough tone , irregular rhythms and ‘ dirty ’ intonation that most blues singers would have used are for the most part conspicuously absent in Elvis 's performance ; his tone is full , rich and well produced , his intonation is precise , stable and ‘ correct ’ , the notes are sustained and held right through , and the phrasing is legato .
21 The percentages shown are for all Cambridge University/WEA Tutorial Classes which included some arranged beyond the Eastern District , e.g. Nuneaton and Rugby .
22 The data points shown are for QDOT ( , ref. 6 ; ○ , refs 2 , 3 ) , the bulk-flow field ( i ) and the power spectrum extrapolated from the COBE quadrupole measurement , assuming a scale-invariant spectrum ( ○ ) , with 1 error bars .
23 Prices shown are for double rooms .
24 Sometimes all that is needed is for the smear to be repeated in 6 months or a year .
25 Sometimes all that is needed is for the smear to be repeated in 6 months or a year .
26 All that is needed is for the philosopher 's stone of artistic intention to be applied to them .
27 The only special preparation needed is for euryalid species , the thickened skin covering the arm spines must be dissolved using bleach ( sodium hypochlorite ) or KOH .
28 What is needed is for Parliament to amend the Act so that it explains exactly how far the rule-making powers go .
29 This is because all that is needed is for Newco to be a close company and satisfy the relevant purpose test at the time when the managers subscribe their shares .
30 The latest of the upgrades to be offered is for WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows .
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