Example sentences of "[vb pp] [adv] a " in BNC.

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1 Applicants must satisfy the general entry requirements for admission to a first degree course ( see page 51 ) , and will normally have completed successfully a Foundation Course in Art and Design .
2 I think we have given rather a gloomy vision of what being a parent is
3 Yet mercenaries seem still to have formed only a small part of the German army ; the fief-rente was almost exclusively used to supply garrisons for castles and fortified towns ; and as the Church and its ministeriales became a less reliable source of troops , the twelfth-century emperors resorted to the practice of strengthening feudal bonds and building up the resources of their own domains .
4 Dissenters normally formed only a minority of townsmen but they were often an influential one .
5 For the world of the established bourgeois was also considered to be basically insecure , a state of war in which they might at any moment become the casualties of competition , fraud or economic slump , though in practice the businessmen who were thus vulnerable probably formed only a minority of the middle classes , and the penalty of failure was rarely manual labour , let alone the workhouse .
6 Is a house being erected only a building when its roof is on ?
7 The bronze and heavy sky — ; I have heard suddenly a blackbird sing
8 Diana had gathered together a small staff who were learning the ropes as fast as she was .
9 During this period I have learnt a great deal about what children like [ and dislike ] at parties and have gathered together a selection of games , songs and magic tricks which I can guarantee will make any party a day to remember , for both children and adults .
10 Associated American Artists has gathered together a representative group of this work in a show called ‘ Rufino Tamayo — seventeen years at the Mixografia workshop ’ .
11 To aid his election campaign , Roosevelt had gathered together a body of men and women who became known as his Brain Trust , mostly from the universities .
12 They have therefore gathered together an impressive group of sixteen experts and devised cast-iron vetting rules .
13 His measures had welded together an invincible voter coalition .
14 In fact , one of the gardeners was dismissed only a fortnight ago because it was thought he was taking them .
15 When all were examined together a trend of increasing risk with lower social class was also found ( test for trend x=5.72 , p=0.02 ) .
16 Thus far , Kirov had received only a vague brief about his current project .
17 Rico Gopul , a staff nurse in the villa at the time of the alleged incidents , told the tribunal he had been accused of the same offences as Mr Reid but had received only a written warning .
18 J. Sainsbury , Britain 's biggest food retailer argues that discount shops have received only a temporary boost from the recession .
19 The Committee on Safety of Medicines ( personal communication ) has received only a single report of visual disorder associated with chlorambucil — namely , corneal opacity — and the manufacturers ( Wellcome ) have only a single report of optic neuritis , occurring on day 1 of chlorambucil treatment and not resolving on withdrawal .
20 The defendant can already count himself lucky to have received only a two-year sentence , having regard to the amount involved and to the position of trust which he held .
21 Is the Minister aware that 18 schools in the Cleveland authority area were built before 1914 and that in the current financial year Cleveland has received only a quarter of its capital allocation ?
22 But he had travelled only a few miles when he lost his way among the dark country lanes near his home in Diss , Norfolk .
23 They had travelled only a few yards into the dense timber when the silence of the woods closed in about them , cutting them off from the rest of humanity in a claustrophobic world of towering trunks and patches of thick underbrush .
24 The tunnel at Woodhead was not yet completed so a coach journey over the moors between Woodhead and Dunford was necessary until December 1845 when it opened .
25 The design was complicated , with a serpentine pattern of dark blue and white with touches of black , and whoever was knitting it had completed only a few inches of ribbed welt .
26 As it is , SunSelect has reportedly validated only a dozen Windows applications on WABI and the thing still does n't print .
27 As it is , SunSelect has reportedly validated only a dozen Windows applications on WABI and the thing still does n't print .
28 White Doves is a Victorian terraced house situated only a few minutes from the famous Minster , in a quiet cul-de-sac .
29 There must be very few bird reserves situated only a few minutes ' walk from the centre of a town which turn out to be as rewarding as Radipole Lake , another RSPB reserve .
30 If the presidency was given only a nominal role , for example , the Maronites would still hold the most honoured post in the country while more executive power could be given to the Sunni Muslim premier .
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