Example sentences of "[vb base] [be] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I think Americans and Russians find it strange that we are 100% funded by government and over 50% of the cases we bring are against government departments .
2 It was built in 876 , and those ancient parts of the church that remain are among the few fragments from that time that still exist , not only in Milan , but also in Lombardy .
3 The gestures they make are at one with their interesting footwork .
4 All the samples you make are of use to you .
5 The perceptual distinctions we make are of the very stuff of our existence , and in some way the foundation of all else .
6 If we accept that we can not prevent science and technology from changing our world , we can at least try to ensure that the changes they make are in the right directions .
7 Data creation and data capture are at odds with each other ; the protagonists and the interpreters of history are still at cross purposes .
8 basically so am I , I 've got to write a news in the next few days so I 'll see in early February tell him about the ideas , I 've also been in touch with another lobbying firm , I say been in touch but it 's quite easy because
9 I read recently that applicants for the Institute of Advanced Motorists test are in the ratio of one woman to four men , but the success rate shows virtually the same number of women passing as men .
10 The various modifications which these organs undergo are of considerable taxonomic importance and are dealt with in the chapters devoted to the different orders of insects .
11 They have to communicate to their public and explain how the services they provide are of value .
12 No , it 's alright cos someone 's rung up from home , say be in eight o'clock , so she wants to do something .
13 Ah are , the best , you provide being in charge of this or being the deputy or being being a mistress .
14 Which I suggest is after that workshop .
15 The second implication of the ability to reduce dramatically the D-D process is in testing the influence of spin polarisation on fusion reaction rates .
16 It 's then we 've got of course and once we 've got it , we 've got ta take on board the implications in relation to what the training we provide is in relation
17 ( 3.1 ) unc The order in which the expression/variable pairs appear is of no consequence .
18 I mean I 'm not , do n't get me wrong , I 'm not one of these formal you know want 's to everything but the idea of this is that we go we get it off the ground and then the management committee take over and run it , it will hopefully have two parish representatives , wo n't be overcommitted by being you know constantly hectored and badgered by people saying this is your ground .
19 We do n't , we , I do n't even know where Penny want 's to be buried .
20 make sure Keith our want 's to be cremated
21 You may be asked for a replacement photograph if the one you supply is of poor quality .
22 A picture as they say is worth a thousand words and so it was that on the afternoon unemployment broke through the three million barrier I chanced a glimpse of the private feelings of John Major .
23 They occur more commonly , and surgery is more frequently practised upon them ; but what I say is of equal relevance to female-to-male transsexuals .
24 And a good thing as I say is to just erm highlight the stuff that you want if you 've
25 This year 's ‘ local ’ booking they say is at Old Shildon Working Men 's Club on February 14 .
26 Anything you say is in absolute confidence . ’
27 Er I think we must remind ourselves that er this year 's as I say is by no means er generous and for that reason we 're not aiming higher , not because we would n't like to , but because we recognize the , the restrictions placed from elsewhere .
28 The solipsist is in the position of claiming that he has a language in which he describes his present and past experiences , and perhaps speculates about the future .
29 The bacteria destroys flesh , so what you smell is in fact rotting flesh .
30 We are determined to make it work — the last thing I want is to be a laughing stock among local farmers if I fail . ’
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