Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Anyone , whether it was Pilate then , or you or me today , who rejects and crucifies Christ afresh , seals his or her own doom .
2 This was the plan I laid down , and the first time I had occasion to try it in practice was the Summer before the last [ 1774 ] & I then did it in the case of a Lady and in the hottest weather : the next Body I tried these experiments upon was Jan y .
3 [ 4.2 If by the Certificate Date the parties have been unable to agree whether any requirement of the Landlord made pursuant to clause 4.1 is reasonable the matter or matters in dispute shall be referred to a counsel to be agreed upon between the parties or failing agreement within [ 5 ] working days after the Certificate Date to one of the conveyancing counsel for the time being of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice [ " Counsel " ] to be nominated on the application of either party by the President for the time being of the Law Society ( or his duly appointed deputy or any other person authorised by him to make appointments on his behalf ) and Counsel shall :
4 Medical student , James Colthurst , liked to regale the slumbering throng with unwelcome early morning renditions of Martin Luther King 's famous ‘ I had a dream ’ speech or his equally unamusing Mussolini impersonation .
5 But his beat is often sluggish and lifeless , and when he does move things along he is apt to produce a coarse effect with his punched-out accents ( listen for example to ‘ Cease to beauty ’ or ‘ The flocks shall leave the mountains ’ ) or his aggressively pushy rhythms ( as in ‘ Happy we ’ or ‘ Love sounds th ’ alarm ’ ) .
6 ‘ I have to eat about five times a day , or I just stop in my tracks . ’
7 or I just wait till the mix .
8 Oh I see , yes , yes , I , huh , yes I would do , I , I , I would say in quite definitely that these words are inspired by such a such artist and , make it quite clear that I 'm a writer and not a , I , I , I do n't study art or I just do n't understand science and painting and , and its my responses to that , yes .
9 Either I am too heavy or I just do n't do it right .
10 Or I just sit there , not even asleep .
11 And I just have to go to or I just have to sort of explain that when you pack a van , you do n't pack it like the advert for KitKat .
12 Chamberlain was explicit about his motives in a letter to Beatrice Webb : ‘ It will remove the great danger , viz , that public sentiment should go wholly over to the unemployed and render impossible that state sternness to which you or I equally attach importance .
13 The outside stitches can now be removed , or I sometimes leave them as a trimming , worked in a contrasting colour .
14 But the committee chairman , the Labour MP , Gerald Kaufman , said : ‘ Either changes are made , I hope along the lines that we recommend , or I very much fear statutory regulation to which I am very , very much opposed . ’
15 When trying to guess where someone went when I missed him at the airport I do not imagine his thoughts , I try to imagine his situation as someone like him would see it , and think ; if he tells me he has just learned he has cancer I may hear in imagination the doctor 's grave voice , but I do not imagine the fear , I feel the chill of it ; if I see him cut his finger I do not imagine the pain as something objective before my ‘ mind 's eye ’ , either I look on as though the knife were cutting through cheese or I incipiently wince .
16 I was writing the same songs with the same approach but I thought they were all shit so I never brought them to J or I never tried to play them .
17 And er my memories really go back to er the , probably the more pleasant things in the erm mission parties that we were invited to , the film shows in the Officers ' Mess , er going to a Glenn Miller dance erm which was held in the hangar up here erm , I do n't think we really , or I really appreciated them so much at the time as I do now .
18 Now erm in the main the most the people who go and talk , if they talk genuinely to their their other half or I always say partner instead of , nowadays that 's politically correct I think , erm then they so they 're they 're a lot of the times they 're talked out of it .
19 Now if he happens to knock it or he , he lights it up or I always wake up .
20 Or yours either .
21 By the end of that season , when he won his first championship by a large margin , I had little doubt who had achieved the triumph : Niki is no braggart , but in the first of many longish talks , he explained to me that his nature was such that he really just could n't stand the second-rate ; and if you saw the second-rate around you , you had a clear choice — either you cleared out and found yourself the first-rate or you simply demanded that second-rate people became first-rate .
22 If you still find DOS commands confusing , or you simply prefer working in a graphical environment , then DOSShell is for you .
23 So you actually became dependant on the tranquillizers did you or or or you simply had
24 Whether you feel that your original decision was not very wise , or that you never really made a decision , or you just want to review your situation , this course can help you .
25 Or maybe you did n't work hard enough , or had chosen subjects you really did n't enjoy , or you just were n't up to it .
26 If you 're interested in spending some time with people who know what you 're going through , or you just want to watch a video , then you do n't need to make an appointment .
27 If you are lucky enough to have a colour printer , or you just prefer to work with pretty colours , you can use a set of designer colour schemes designed , it would appear , by the world 's great composers .
28 Erm , when you start One Two Three , if you get er , the menu at the top saying One Two Three , think about and translate or you just go straight into the spreadsheet , you do get the One Two Three
29 In America that either means you made it , or you just got off the boat .
30 And they 'll say well can you fax the wording through , practices have got it or you just drop is round .
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