Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Intuitively , it seems to the authors that ( 9 ) would lead more readily to continuations in which Mary and John are referred to by they or them than would be the case with ( 10 ) .
2 I wondered if Jim would hit her or me but instead he said he supposed wooden would be all right and Shirley laughed like a drain .
3 My Sophie , for example — if she were in Darcy 's Utopia and in a couple of years were to become a teenage primigravida , which is perfectly on the cards — I reckon the neighbours would know better than Lou or me if she was fit to be a mother or not .
4 When she asks , you must on no account say that it went into the sea , because she will worry that it is a curse on you — or me as well , for it was given to me at my baptism .
5 No matter what your Chief Constable or Dan , or me or Lizzy or even King Street Charlie feels .
6 We paid rent to be there and er and of course either Hugh or me or both of us came up to see my mother every day , you see , unless we knew she was going to have a visitor and then we used to take a day off
7 Then we can do it to you or me or anyone else , and that troubles me .
8 You will be picked up from school by Marjorie or me or your mother or all three of us from now on. ,
9 He do n't know who to say hello to you or me or what .
10 from maybe Neville or me or somebody
11 It was about then [ three years ago ] that I started going with some of my mates like Kevin(10) and Eddie(6) … and Eddie and me we got into a lot of fights and that … and the fucking coppers — they always grab either him or me when there 's any bother or that .
12 Erm , it interests me very much how people choose er not only in light fitting , but how you choose furniture and they choose designs generally , because I have a theory that er a lot of people do n't consider the practical things , maybe as much as you know like you or me when we 're conscience of that sort of thing
13 He has confidence in the director , Mike Ockrent , experienced in theatre but a film debutant : ‘ You do n't do Follies or Me And My Girl by phoning it in . ’
14 ‘ She 's as active as you or me and a damn sight tougher .
15 212 If the tenant or his assignee do or shall , at any time before the trial in such ejectment , pay or tender to the lessor or landlord , his executors or administrators , or his or their attorney in that cause , or pay into the court where the same cause is depending , all the rent and arrears , together with the costs , then and in such case all further proceedings on the said ejectment shall cease and be discontinued ; and if such lessee , his executors , administrators , or assigns , shall , upon such proceedings as aforesaid , be relieved in equity , he and they shall have , hold , and enjoy the demised lands , according to the lease thereof made , without any new lease .
16 Question , of whether I ask Pauline , or I whether I just do it .
17 And there no reason , there is no worthy reason , there is no valid reason that you or I or any other person on the face of the earth has for rejecting Jesus Christ .
18 Let us instantly go to my closet or yours and come upon our mutual trial for you have fired by soul with impatience .
19 But remember it was your decision to buy it in the first place , nobody else 's , and if it 's you that 's wrong , or you that does n't suit the item , then you probably do n't have any entitlement to an exchange or a refund .
20 Or you or you could ask for the the number of all the conference centres in
21 That if you like , er , and I 've used this example before but I 'll use it again , it was quite interesting I think anyway , is that one of the examples we used on one of courses , is that somebody calls into the depot and says , I need help , I 've got to get this delivered by tomorrow and collections or you or whoever takes the call , is very excited because this person says it 's three hundred and fifty kilos and I need it today , it 's Durham , we 'll use Durham , we 're starting from here , in Durham tomorrow morning .
22 Anyone , whether it was Pilate then , or you or me today , who rejects and crucifies Christ afresh , seals his or her own doom .
23 Erm now the periodic table , we 've looked at that before and it 's the if you knew the periodic table and where everyone fitted in , every all the elements fitted in or you if you had a copy , you could very intelligent guesses .
24 I know you ca n't simply kill him , even with a seeming accident , or you and Farquhar would have done it long since . ’
25 Or you and the TARDIS between you , somehow .
26 Or you and he are only friends ? ’
27 All I know is that there are better people in , that , are more intelligent people that are better informed about than me or you and they deemed it that we 've got something to fear against and I 'm willing to take that .
28 As with the action sample those carers who continued to express a clear preference for home care talked in terms of it being no bother to continue caring , or even if it was ‘ a bother ’ , home was the best place for the dementia sufferer , and he or she and the carer were ‘ coping ’ .
29 Remember the format controls he will normally start off , sell first routine , then he or she will have er say , right at the very end , say why he say why he or she and that 's the format I want to follow .
30 When er the sales exec for marketing goes round doing the contract bits and pieces er they he or she and the surgery the doctors ' senior partners or all the doctors will agree on the number of booklets we 're going to print .
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