Example sentences of "[vb past] be for " in BNC.

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1 Those whom they encountered were for the most part leading precarious lives ; they lacked the leisure , the mental energy , even the vocabulary , for speculation about the great issues of heaven and hell , death and judgement .
2 Father and son exchanged looks , in better temper with each other than they 'd been for years .
3 ‘ Now he 's happier , I think , than he 'd been for a long time .
4 They were both drunker than they 'd been for years .
5 However , the London season was almost upon them and she was more cheerful than she 'd been for weeks .
6 " I feel worn out , much more than I would if I 'd been for miles on the moor .
7 I do n't think he 'd been for about six month .
8 They came up to view Heidi 's riding display then I went back with them and Vicki and Malcolm diverted from Barford on the Sunday where they 'd been for lunch and picked me up Sunday afternoon the sort of following weekend .
9 They 'd been for a meal and they came to the flat and they rung us to say they were there .
10 Cos they 'd been for a meal on the way as well !
11 All the phone calls they received were for him , and Gina never had any mail .
12 Two-thirds of all reservations received were for new books .
13 Sentence of death was passed on 8 convicts at the Old Bailey , 4 of whom were executed on 15 Feb. : ‘ One of those who suffered was for robbing a farmer 's boy of sixpence . ’
14 The lease negotiated was for twenty years at a rental of £20,000 subject to possible increases up to a maximum of £22,000 .
15 The first play they mounted was for Alan and his family — to celebrate the completion of the pageant .
16 The only payment I received was for travelling expenses from COHSE .
17 He had demanded exorbitant fees for his speaking engagements and billed the Socialist Labor Party for theatre tickets and corsages which he claimed were for Eleanor .
18 The time-consuming tasks of keeping families clean and fed were for the most part carried out with wholly inadequate equipment in depressing surroundings .
19 In Scotland the pattern followed was for Regional Councils and constituent Districts .
20 What followed was for Charlotte a demeaning and ultimately frustrating experience .
21 His particular predilections when he started were for the young artists of his won age who were beginning to reject the immediate traditions of their predecessors and experiment with new formulas of expression and technique in the 1940s and 1950s .
22 The last thing South Africa needed was for tourists , especially British tourists , to be murdered on the beaches .
23 Their private parts were firmly jammed in the wringer and all it needed was for somebody to the rescue .
24 All it needed was for the envelope to be stuck down .
25 Luke Calder was used to getting what he wanted from life , and the last thing she needed was for him to turn his sights on to her , even though it might only be to put her back in her place !
26 Until she 'd made up her mind one way or the other , the last thing she needed was for rumours of an imminent retirement from music to start circulating .
27 The last thing she needed was for the plane to go without her .
28 Little damage had been done , all it needed was for the cargo to be reassembled , but , while several tourists were rushing energetically around attempting to do this , the drivers of the carts had taken time off to chat .
29 It might seem that so artificial a superiority was certain to prove as transient as the hegemonies that it had replaced , although those in whose hands power lay were for the most part undaunted by the new challenges to Britain 's position that they sensed …
30 That dalmatica that Tony sent is for you to wear , it 's not a pudding cloth for making spotted dick in .
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