Example sentences of "[vb past] be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Tagalog concepts are directly relevant to the present discussion because the Buid with whom I lived are in daily contact with Tagalog speaking immigrants from neighbouring islands .
2 ‘ If the sums he mentioned are to be believed , it puts a most terrible responsibility on my shoulders . ’
3 The cases to which Cooke P. referred are to the like effect .
4 Coming from a police family and married to a police officer , her inculcated beliefs were such that the alternative concepts which the sociology of law posed were beyond acceptability .
5 The job involved being in charge of ‘ country correspondents ’ in villages scattered within 25 to 50 miles around the city , editing their weekly contributions , measuring their column-inches for payments and generally supervising the rural aspect of the newspaper .
6 However , where , as was the case with Akzo 's pricing policy , the prices charged were below average total cost ( that is , including fixed costs ) but above average variable cost , they could only be considered predatory if they were established as part of a plan to eliminate competitors .
7 The components used were to be 1 litre of Siporax , plastic media ( Flocor ) and open cell foam .
8 As these commodities had to be kept perfectly dry at all times the barges used were of the soundest construction and were always well maintained .
9 Although comparisons of fixed doses of drugs have limitations , the doses of propranolol and nifedipine used were in the middle of their therapeutic ranges .
10 The probes used were against human CFTR exons 1–6 ( a-c and g-i ) or the hisD vector sequences ( d-f and j-l ) .
11 The powers involved were under Section 52 of the 1971 Town and Country Planning Act : however , subsequent intervention in late 1981 by the Secretary of State for the Environment appears to have prevented planners from being able to specify the nature of occupiers of new housing .
12 Bonington commented on his experiences at sea : ‘ I am not a natural sailor and found being on a very small boat without exercise very trying .
13 Adjustment for risk factors known before the start of labour made little difference to perinatal mortality rates , but such differences that occurred were in the expected direction .
14 The strongest associations we found were between measures of periodontal disease or oral hygiene and total mortality among men under 50 at baseline ( table IV ) .
15 Those whom they encountered were for the most part leading precarious lives ; they lacked the leisure , the mental energy , even the vocabulary , for speculation about the great issues of heaven and hell , death and judgement .
16 But they only shots they encountered were from cameras .
17 Looking back on their ten years of marriage , Davina and Alastair feel they stopped being in touch with what their needs were after their children were born .
18 The farmers visited were in Buskerud county , with five in the hill region just north of Drammen and five some 160km northwest of that city around Al , Gol , Torpo and Nesbyen .
19 The capital cost is to be financed from a local property tax .
20 If I were back at the A squared , I squared is minus one , so I 've got minus three squared , there 's two give me by I Equals minus thirty nine , now because those two complex numbers are the same are the same , so sixteen is E S squared minus three square , the imaginary grids are also the same , so minus thirty equals two , eight B.
21 ‘ The metal we used is from an old caravan roof which we bonded to the wood with Evostick , ’ explained Tony .
22 I do n't think the arrears , when they , when it occurred is on the report
23 Preliminary observational studies of the self-instructional material provided for library orientation showed that the material provided was of help to new users , but that it did not , alone , supply adequate orientation information .
24 The price proposed was on the open market and Stuttgart was happy to offer it .
25 This seems a particularly harsh result where the person assaulted was in plain clothes , and it may be doubted whether it can be justified in principle .
26 The equipment listed was in use in 1989 for a maximum of 30 windsurf guests .
27 The accepted rate at which New York life moved was at least three factors faster than in London .
28 The first case we reported was from West Germany , and the next two from the UK .
29 Clearly Fjortoft ( who has sucked at Swindon , not a single goal yet ! ) and maybe also Sorloth ( who as before mentioned was at a 14-day trial at Leeds and scored in all his test matches ) will be picked .
30 the reasons why the item involved was at the location ;
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