Example sentences of "[vb past] [adv] [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 Keller and Bever ( 1980 ) asked right handed subjects to categorise musical intervals presented monaurally and obtained a significant REA in non-musicians for this task and a non-significant left ear advantage among musicians .
2 Unfortunately no division lists survive for the Commons for the years 1691 – 5 , and there are strong grounds for believing ( as will be discussed later ) that it was precisely in this period when party lines became most blurred .
3 His left Achilles tendon became badly shortened , making it difficult for him to put his foot to the floor , and he had a strong positive supporting reaction in his foot .
4 Although the Whigs repealed the Occasional Conformity and Schism Acts after the Han-overian Succession , they took their time in doing so , and the party became bitterly divided on the issue .
5 Anyone who bought Harvard 's own shares got effectively locked in , as it would take three months to sell out , on the matched bargain basis a fact not usually explained to the client at the time of sale .
6 They became widely separated as they struggled up the slope .
7 However , this discovery greatly strengthened the hypothesis that there were alpha and beta receptors , and the idea at least became widely accepted .
8 Uncertainties in the minds of Britain 's allies were increased by Jellicoe 's delay in making a report , and the German version of the battle , couched in biased terms , became widely accepted .
9 It became widely accepted that the attackers were predominantly black , although there was little evidence for this belief .
10 The generalized conclusion ( first widely popularized by Martinson ( 1974 ) ) that ‘ nothing works ’ became widely accepted less because of its validity than because it was a message suited to its time , and because the disappointment of the high hopes invested in reform led to an over-reaction against the rehabilitative ideal .
11 However , through the 1950s and early 1960s it became widely accepted by biologists .
12 Thus politics became widely split .
13 The doctrine that mental disease did not have a physical cause became widely established , so much so that a study published in 1915 which reported definite changes in the left cerebral hemispheres of schizophrenic patients was largely ignored until it was rediscovered 70 years later .
14 During the 1950s and early 1960s , retirement at the statutory pensionable age of 60 for men and 65 for women became widely established across occupations and social classes , although least at the highest status-levels .
15 One forgotten hero of the Victorian era was Capt. Hedley Vicars of the 97th Regiment , a gallant and devout officer , whose tireless work for the welfare , both spiritual and physical , of the men under his command became widely known after the publication in 1856 of Catharine Marsh 's biography of him .
16 The ensuing publicity brought in commissions from all areas as Kos 's reputation grew and her work became widely known .
17 In Leeds meanwhile he interested himself in educational ventures and became widely known for public service .
18 It became widely known through the book written against the Jews by Apollonius Molon , one of Cicero 's teachers .
19 After the passage quoted just above concerning the esteem in which Molla Fenari was held and his place in the state , and before passing on to the next event in his life , namely his going on the pilgrimage in 822 ( 8 Dhu " l-Hijja = 26 December 1419 ) , Ibn Hajar writes that Molla Fenari became widely known for his erudition and that he was both pious and abundant in culture and merit " except that he was censured for [ espousing ] the sect of Ibn al- " Arabi and for the fact that he taught the and affirmed it " : he goes on to say that Molla Fenari , on the advice of friends , abjured mention of the subject in Egypt .
20 Development planning first became widely known about in the 1950 's and since then various attempts have been made to help women , specifically , in underdeveloped countries with varying degrees of success .
21 Capt Forgrave 's citation said he ‘ became widely respected by all sides as a courageous , totally honest and highly capable officer . ’
22 In this action Leftwich was well ahead of his time , as Norwegian ice later became widely used for refrigeration during the nineteenth century .
23 Over many years Meccano became widely used by designers to demonstrate ideas useful in mechanical research .
24 Early this century jute sacks became widely used for home distribution although the export of cement still continued in battels and later in steel drums .
25 Local authorities have had powers of this nature for many years ( the origin was the 1932 Planning Act ) , but it was not until the property boom of the early 1970s that they became widely used .
26 Whereupon the partying Ninevites , just like Jonah inside the whale , repented ; whereupon God decided after all to spare the city ; whereupon Jonah became incredibly irritated , which was only normal in one who 'd been put to a lot of trouble to bring the message of destruction , only for the Lord , despite a well-known , indeed historic taste for wrecking cities , to turn round and change his mind .
27 Thus , he created an atmosphere in which people felt autonomous and in control and consequently became incredibly dedicated and committed to the project .
28 However , interactionism became predominantly associated with ‘ labelling theory ’ which , as we saw , tended to revert to the status of another ( and suspect ) positivist-type causal theory .
29 You got badly lost in the dinner party scene . ’
30 TROUBLED rock stars Guns N' Roses have scrapped three shows on their current world tour after their support act 's singer got badly burned .
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