Example sentences of "[vb past] [conj] it " in BNC.

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1 All I could do was write a letter , and by the time I 'd written a letter and it got where it was going and a reply got back , a week or two weeks could have gone by .
2 It came as a relief at this stage to find that I had got my sums right , and everything met where it ought !
3 a similar point arose where it proposed to serve the writ and an Anton Piller order out of the jurisdiction on a Belgian company .
4 I followed the telephone cord and found where it went into the wall .
5 It transpired that it had been syphoned off into private businesses .
6 In a surprise move , NEC Corp has approached Convex Computer Corp and proposed that it market the Convex C3 minisupercomputers in Japan to plug the gap below its own SX3 supercomputers .
7 In his will Captain Sykes left the School £1,000 , and his son proposed that it be used to build an extra classroom .
8 During negotiations Iraq proposed that it would recognize all of Kuwait 's land borders in return for full rights to Warba island and the lease of half of Bubiyan .
9 Russia proposed that it be regarded as the successor state of the Soviet Union in respect of the START treaty , but this was finally rejected by the others in April [ see p. 38890 ] .
10 They proposed that it was a function of the mean payout ratio , the predicted short-term earnings and long-term dividend growth rates , the variability of the historical earnings growth rates and the historical earnings growth rate .
11 Stirling shouted that it was every man for himself .
12 Alf Morris , the Labour Party 's spokesman for the disabled , promised that it would increase pensions above the rate of inflation .
13 The Defence Minister barely flinched as the camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face as they ran the famous film clip from mid-December , 1987 , in which he promised that it would all be over by Christmas .
14 The Defence Minister barely flinched as the camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face as they ran the famous film clip from mid-December , 1987 , in which he promised that it would all be over by Christmas .
15 ONCE UPON a time , the government of Norway promised that it would not only protect the wolf as an endangered species , but even maintain a breeding population of the beast .
16 He sensed their relief : the twinkling ‘ brute ’ promised that it would not be unremittingly solemn ; the man could still see a light side .
17 The first count of the declaration , upon which alone the question arises , stated that , in consideration that the plaintiff , at the request of the defendant , had bought of the defendant a horse for the sum of £30 , the defendant promised that it was sound and free from vice .
18 He also acknowledged the extent of the country 's current economic recession but , invoking the spirit of Desert Storm ( the operational codename for the US prosecution of the Gulf war ) , he promised that it would be overcome .
19 Tinbergen demonstrated that it was possible , simply by watching animals , to make a scientific study of them .
20 He demonstrated that it was possible to convert amateur natural history into professional zoology by the straightforward device of quantified observation .
21 Further experiments with what he began to call ‘ orgone energy ’ demonstrated that it was present everywhere , in the atmosphere and particularly in living things .
22 It was threatened again ( though Edward VIII made it plain that he would only comply if the Liberal government demonstrated that it had a popular mandate for abolition ) in 1909 .
23 The recent tours of the Republic by New Zealand and world champions Australia demonstrated that it still continues to do so — and how .
24 The same was not true of the broader European Economic Community , which despite its wider brief demonstrated that it had both strength and flexibility .
25 The sadness of what is in effect the breakup of the comprehensive system is that it occurs at the point when the system was reaching a confidence and maturity which demonstrated that it could meet the demands of the late twentieth century .
26 A report by the West Yorkshire Low Pay Unit demonstrated that it was not only residents who ran the risk of exploitation , but also the staff .
27 Though the three major Allies — the United States , the Soviet Union , and Great Britain — were willing to concede this parity on occasion , the very act of conceding it demonstrated that it did not in reality exist .
28 When Xerox first embarked on benchmarking it helped that it had a Japanese partner , Fuji Xerox , that it could look to for information about Japanese practices .
29 A wag in the crowd quipped that it is so long since they have been in evidence , police enquiries are being hampered because no one can name or describe them .
30 He nevertheless maintained that it would have been irresponsible of him to have gone forward without warning colleagues of his reservations .
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