Example sentences of "[vb past] [conj] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Among those I met or saw were the Begum Aga Khan , who was with her very attractive daughter Princess Zahra Aga Khan ; the Director General of the British Equestrian Foundation Major Malcolm Wallace , two of our top Event riders Miss Karen Straker and Mrs Jane Thelwall ; and Mr Andrew Dixon , who had all come over from England with the Hermès party ; Mr Peter Laing , the Hon.
2 Going round the stands I met or saw Lady Grierson whose husband Ronald , received a knighthood in the Birthday Honours , and her son Mr Jacob Grierson ; .
3 After that she came to expect a kiss whenever we met or parted — if we were alone , of course .
4 Of those 363 hotel pools , 31% were found to have inadequate or no rescue equipment and 21% lacked or had insufficient pool surround fitments .
5 Over the centuries the title of Count has passed from family to family as old dynasties withered away , intermarried or perished in battle .
6 I was in , I was in the industry for thirty years before I realized or find out that it 's an Arabian craft .
7 Could n't Dersingham leave it to someone he designated or adopted , something like that ? ’
8 On the question of provenance the V&A 's acquisition policy states : ‘ Every effort must be made to prevent the acquisition of objects illegally excavated , appropriated or exported ’ .
9 As unification approached many of the 4,250 prisoners in East German prisons rioted or went on rooftop protests or hunger strike in support of demands for a general amnesty on Oct. 3 .
10 If she had sobbed or fainted or begged him , he would probably have given way .
11 Although the examiner appointed by the court may submit a report which accompanies the deposition , this is merely intended to give him the opportunity of recording facts , including incidents during the examination ( for example , that the witnesses fainted or rose up and tried to assault cross-examining counsel ) ; the examiner can not indicate his opinion as to the credibility of the witness or his own impressions of the witness 's demeanour .
12 Many of the victims ' relatives broke down , fainted or shouted abuse .
13 As recording and video costs can rise with the artist 's gradual development , there will be an evaluation of every record 's sales figures to ascertain why a record failed or achieved only marginal success .
14 He got rid of oppositionists by proposing some impossible task , and when they failed or refused would move their expulsion , anyone who voted against automatically expelling themselves .
15 In his view , the court could intervene only if the minister ( a ) failed or refused to apply his mind to or to consider the question whether to refer a complaint to the committee or ( b ) misinterpreted the law or proceeded on an erroneous view of the law or ( c ) based his decision on some wholly extraneous consideration or ( d ) failed to have regard to matters which he should have taken into account .
16 He either failed or did n't take his finals ; I could n't make out which . ’
17 It is Vic 's impression that English wildlife is getting streetwise , moving from the country into the city where the living is easier — where there are no traps , pesticides , hunters and sportsmen , but plenty of well-stocked garbage bins , and housewives like Marjorie , softhearted or softheaded enough to throw their scraps into the garden , creating animal soup-kitchens .
18 No one envied or imitated the family .
19 First courses such as asparagus ( choose vinaigrette rather than butter , or better yet , fresh lemon to be squeezed over ) ; oysters ( almost no calories , but watch out for the buttered brown bread ! ) ; soused and smoked fish ( the soused fish — usually herring — is lower in calories than the smoked , but both are fairly light ) ; fish and vegetable terrines ( though usually made with cream , you get very little in a slice ) ; quails ' eggs ( without mayonnaise ) ; and stuffed or marinated vegetables .
20 This distinction soon proved acceptable to juries , who were increasingly inclined to acquit matter which depicted or described apparently normal , healthy or pleasurable sex between consenting adults .
21 The assessment has included RBGE equipment , plus that owned or operated by BTC , SAPS , research projects , and Edinburgh University students on RBGE premises .
22 Those companies between them owned or managed 95 fishing vessels which were until 31 March 1989 registered as British fishing vessels under the Merchant Shipping Act 1894 ( 57 & 58 Vict. c. 60 ) .
23 Who owned or used it ?
24 In addition to sending military units , the USA also imposed a complete trade embargo on Iraq which included the prohibition of exports to any entity operated from Iraq or owned or controlled by the government of Iraq .
25 The tourist or business or conference traveller will more often than not travel on a plane manufactured by one of the few aerospace TNCs that dominate the civil airline industry , occupy a hotel room subcontracted to or owned or managed by the local affiliate of one of the few chains that dominate the global hotel industry , hire a car from an agency of one of the international firms that dominate the car rental industry , and will pay for all this with one of the credit cards issued by the few TNCs that control global personal finance .
26 Text can be scaled from 4 points to 108 points without loss of quality and can be rotated , bolded , kerned or filled with any pattern .
27 ‘ Would you rather I simply agreed or told the truth ? ’ he asked .
28 More significant for domestic purposes is s10(4) ( b ) and ( c ) which give the retailer a defence provided : ( i ) that he supplied the goods , offered or agreed to supply them or , as the case may be , exposed or possessed them for supply in the course of carrying on a retail business ; and ( ii ) that , at the time he supplied the goods or offered or agreed to supply them or exposed or possessed them for supply , he neither knew nor had reasonable grounds for believing that the goods failed to comply with the general safety requirement ; or ( c ) that the terms on which he supplied the goods or agreed or offered to supply them or , in the case of goods which he exposed or possessed for supply , the terms on which he intended to supply them ( i ) indicated that the goods were not supplied or to be supplied as new goods ; and ( ii ) provided for , or contemplated , the acquisition of an interest in the goods by the persons supplied or to be supplied .
29 Average scores for each nurse and resident were calculated for both collaboration and satisfaction , and their perceptions of alternative decision choices were assessed by asking them how much they agreed or disagreed that there was no alternative choice in the case of each specific patient .
30 He did n't argue , he did n't dissent : he agreed or disagreed .
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