Example sentences of "[coord] i [vb mod] " in BNC.

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1 B-but I dare say you would n't like it .
2 ‘ If her car had broken down your Dad or me would have passed it on the road . ’
3 Do you know that there 's men running clubs up there who would murder somebody like you or me would have a cup of tea ?
4 Take lots of care , & I 'll phone sometime soon
5 If not then I 'll plead to my wife for the car & I 'll be able to offer other people a lift there ( but I 'll be coming back on Sunday ) .
6 If it is only — or mainly — accommodation problems which stop you repeating the year , Grandad & I would like you to know that you are welcome to live here & go to Oban High School .
7 Or I might contract warts .
8 Next door , two elderly ladies from the Esperanto Society smiled more in hope than expectation at every preterpasanto — or passer-by , as you or I might say .
9 I might not reach the telephone , or I might be unable to dial a number , the doctor might be out … .
10 Or I might not .
11 The tent might blow away , I might get bitten by a snake , or I might not be able to pay back the £1,500 I had borrowed to finance the trip .
12 At least they had told me of their bad luck already or I might have succumbed to the old tales of women on ships and the bad omens they can bring .
13 Perhaps you or I might have got fed up with all the attention and been tempted to tell the crowds to go home and leave us alone .
14 Or I might suspect too much vehemence in his insistence that he loves gibbons , and suggest that he is deceiving himself , that visiting the animals has become a habit without much joy in it .
15 Sometimes I continue yesterday 's painting or I start a new work , often it is an idea I have thought about from the studio , or I might spend some time looking through sketch books .
16 ‘ But see that yer behave yerselves in future , or I might . ’
17 Maybe Dundee will be interested in players here , or I might have to break the club 's transfer record to get him . ’
18 Maybe I 'll get there one day , or I might take a day trip to EuroDisney sometime in the summer months .
19 ‘ Either you increase my husband 's wages to reflect the work he does on your behalf , or I might find it my duty to persuade him to look for other employment , perhaps with one of the many property owners hereabouts . ’
20 Or I might go bankrupt . ’
21 ‘ Whatever you or I might wish , history tells us this-that nothing is eternal .
22 ‘ Patrick weighed 8lb 7oz — ‘ I 'm lucky he was a big baby , or I might have ended up having him even more quickly .
23 ‘ It 's a good thing for you I 'm driving or I might just show you whose woman you really are .
24 Rowse was at that time in London , or I might ( I said ) have asked him to tea and taken some soundings .
25 Since it can not and will not save itself , it can not be saved by anything you or I might do .
26 ‘ As well I know , ’ he said , ‘ or I might be tempted to thrash that cur beside you until he is senseless for what I hear that he has been saying about London of me and mine .
27 ‘ And remember I mean what I say , Robyn — no more stupidity or I might not be responsible for my actions . ’
28 The description may be more precise than you or I might offer but it is a description for all that .
29 Or I might give the job to someone else . ’
30 Off you go now — and behave yourself , or I might feel obliged to tell a certain Whitechapel widow-woman where she can put her none-too-gentle hands on you . ’
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