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1 " … the Church Yard of Kilmeny is quite open , never having been Inclosed. & that besides the Indecency thereof , the Grave Stones are much Injured by Horses and Cattle pasturing thereon … " ask for an estimate for building a stone wall .
2 And there was a new outpouring of rumours about Hitler 's health : that he was ill , mad , blind , had suffered a nervous breakdown , or that as a result of mental illness he had been forced to hand over the leadership of the State to the military , and had been shot .
3 Nothing is known of Bishop Æthelric 's connections , but it could be that if he had relatives they were among Cnut 's supporters , or that as an individual he was prepared to back the king , for he is said to have enjoyed the royal favour .
4 Although he 's survived the cancer so far , it has n't altered the fact that he will probably be in a wheelchair by the age of 10 — or that A-T could kill him before he 's 20 , unless a cure is found .
5 None the less , the attention they have rightly drawn to parochial religion and to non-predestinarian elements within the church should not be allowed to obscure the fact that during the period from 1560 to 1625 credal predestinarianism claimed the allegiance of the great majority of Elizabethan and Jacobean churchmen , or that during the 1630s this creed came under a concerted and unprecedented attack from the ecclesiastical authorities .
6 Or that on their first-ever real takeoff during base checks at Prestwick , most pilots have as much difficulty keeping at 1,500 feet circuit height as does a low-hour student in a Cessna 152 ?
7 It is not wholly surprising , and is certainly not W. 's fault , that she remained in the grip of the disease , gradually losing weight or that on one occasion she used violence towards a member of the staff in circumstances which led to the police being called .
8 ( 3 ) In relation to building control , the certificate from the appropriate authority ( a ) in the case of an application for a new licence , should state ( i ) either that a warrant for the construction of the premises has been granted under section 6 of the Building ( Scotland ) Act 1959 and a certificate of completion has been granted under section 9 of that Act , or that no warrant for construction of the premises is required ; and ( ii ) either that a warrant for the change of use of the premises has been granted under the said section 6 or that no such warrant is required ; and ( b ) in the case of an application for the provisional grant of a licence , should state ( i ) that a warrant for the construction of the premises has been granted under section 6 of the said Act of 1959 ; and ( ii ) either that a warrant for the change of use of the premises has been granted under the said section 6 , or that on completion of the construction of the premises in accordance with the warrant a warrant for the change of use will be granted , or that no such warrant is required .
9 I can not therefore deny that in this context a settled and preponderant public demand ought to be taken into account or that at a certain point it would have to prevail .
10 The best I could do would be to say ‘ I like peaches better ’ , but quite apart from the logical objection to deriving ‘ Choose the peach ’ from this psychological statement , reliance on a generalization about my preference could get me into a habit which would dim my awareness of the tastes , until I fail to notice that I no longer like peaches as much as I did , or that at this moment I hanker after a pear , so that the abortive try at rationalization would make my choice less intelligent .
11 It was not at all necessary to say that I hoisted French colours , and therefore took the schooner unawares , or that at the time most of her men were on board of the Indiaman ; the great art in this world is , to know where to leave off , and in nothing more than when people take the pen in their hands .
12 All the time he is encouraged to dabble in this or that to no lasting effect and the relief that such an MP feels when given an actual job , a place to go from 9 a.m. onwards with a definite task to perform , something to do which stretches his capacity more than drinking tea , gossiping and writing letters , is enormous .
13 Unfortunately , it is uncertain whether he was writing during Emma 's marriage to Cnut or that to Æthelred , but these tales hint that one or both suggested to Richard II that a claim to England was worth recording , and that he wanted to keep his options open .
14 Presumably not : but it would be a very bold man , a Karl Marx indeed who would assert that , for each and every woman and always , housework is her spontaneous activity , that it is the satisfaction of a need ; or that she fulfils herself in it ; or that through it she develops freely a physical and mental energy and will not be physically exhausted and mentally debased .
15 For example , responses may confuse experience in the street with that at home , or that from the town in general with that in the neighbourhood in particular .
16 The history of forms in art has had some distinguished advocates , some of whom have been concerned with the transformation over time of one form to another ; others have been more attracted to problems of values , arguing either that styles in art change and decay , or that in a particular period there is an artistic will to produce work in a style of its own .
17 This may indicate that user interfaces to query structures can not yet replicate human processes of spatial reasoning in a reasonable time , or that in software terms it is inefficient to extend SQL , and that an alternative must be found .
18 Doubtless there will be some who will argue that attempting to change structures is less important than trying to convince those who exercise power in our society to do so responsibly or that in any case radical changes in structures are politically impossible .
19 He had n't known whether to put it down to the fact that she imagined he was being left outside the camaraderie of the brothers or that in some strange way she was laying claim on him .
20 He was prepared to find that Kate had gone , or that in the meantime her boyfriend had turned up .
21 He could always claim of course that he knew nothing of the layout of the engine-room and had always assumed that there had to be a reserve tank or that in a panic-stricken concern for the welfare of his beloved niece he had quite forgotten that there was no such tank .
22 Again , he failed to appreciate that the conspicuous consumption which was the fruit of successful emulation was not as invariably absurd as he made out , or that in the course of history world-wide they were responsible for the greatest architecture and other manifestations of high art .
23 In addition , it is open to the producer or director to show that he did not know or reasonably suspect that the offending programme would be included in a cable programme , or that in the context of the broadcast the programme would probably provoke racial hatred .
24 Iraq on Feb. 15 announced an offer to withdraw from Kuwait , complying with UN Security Council Resolution 660 , provided that ( i ) there was a complete ceasefire ; ( ii ) all subsequent resolutions on the conflict were annulled and economic sanctions lifted ; ( iii ) coalition forces withdrew completely from the region within one month of a ceasefire being declared ; ( iv ) Israel withdrew " from Palestine and the Arab territories it is occupying in the Golan and southern Lebanon " , or that in the event of its not doing so the UN passed against Israel resolutions identical to those passed against Iraq ; ( v ) Iraq 's " historical rights on land and at sea " were guaranteed ; and ( vi ) the " political arrangement to be agreed " should proceed from " the people 's will and in accordance with democratic practice " , and not on the basis of " the rights acquired by the al-Sabah family " .
25 The test of incapacity should be either that contained in s94(2) ( where a judge has to be satisfied of the incapacity ) or that in the wider provision of s145(1) ( where the patient is " a person suffering or appearing to be suffering from mental disorder " ) .
26 A visitor to Mohenjo Daro , one of the Indus Valley sites , will be left with the impression that this city with all it contained had either in record time surpassed all other human generations in inventiveness , or that like the Aryans they were immigrants bringing with them centuries of cultural inheritance .
27 Nor that by marrying John Carrow her daughter had behaved in a wicked , even if understandable , way for which they were all now paying the price .
28 Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne ANGELO ABELA ( father of Lucia , 2 ) Why Weeps the Brogan ? by Hugh Scott ( Walker Books , £7.95 ) A nuclear disaster leaves Saxon and Gilbert believing that a buried museum is their world and that beyond its great doors lies only dust and darkness .
29 Michael Meacher and Frank Field have stressed that only a limited circle of people were actively involved in formulating the industrial policy proposals , and that beyond this circle , understanding of the proposals was rather minimal .
30 As they moved cautiously towards it , Fenella saw that it had opened for them just the smallest sliver and that beyond it were shards of light .
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