Example sentences of "[pers pn] give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The test which best discriminated between the effects of left and right sided electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ) after two treatments to each side was naming of objects after hearing a verbal description of them given by the examiner seven minutes after shock administration .
2 So what guidance can I give for the actual writing of the crime short story ?
3 What would n't I give to be in your shoes now !
4 What measure might I give of Thy Name ?
5 To those who put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ , he says ‘ Peace I leave with you ( peace with God ) my peace I give unto you ( the peace of God ) . ’
6 And so when you get peace , when God gives his gift of peace , it 's not something he has given from heaven down to you but he says , my peace , I give unto you .
7 With reference to our conversation today , I give below the details of what we have agreed .
8 Meanwhile I give below the dates of the next open days at Larksoken so that as many of us as possible can attend and strenuously put our case against nuclear power during the question time which normally precedes the actual tour of the station . ’
9 You 'll come along and you say , right I will I 'm going to You 're going to take as your input , whatever I give as output .
10 I 'm taking here about pure , blind betting of someone who is not attempting to exercise any skill but is just looking at the odds offered by the bookies , and pointing out — and I 'll have a table to demonstrate this in the talk I give at the Open Day — the way in which the rate of return on bets made in this way decreases steadily the longer the odds are offered .
11 The Dempster was called into court by the ringing of a bell and recited the sentence as recorded by the Clerk of the Court adding " This I give for doom . "
12 Oh bloody seven ninety nine I give for mine
13 Coleman 's will , dated 1 July 1839 , provided for the founding of a Coleman prize : ‘ Also , I give to the Royal Veterinary College , at the expiration of three years from my decease , the sum of one hundred and sixty-six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence , 3 per Cent .
14 But even with that clutch of reasons to be glassy-eyed , I 've stayed almost sober for an entire month , sitting miserably at the bar wondering why low-alcohol lager has an after-taste like floor polish , and disturbing old friends with the rapt attention I give to such enquiries as : ‘ Ice and lemon in your tonic water , sir ? ’
15 You do n't think for one minute I 'm going to eat the filth I give to you ?
16 And throughout the journey , the question asked by that woman in the beginning anchored the emphasis of this book , it shook a fist at the ghosts over my shoulder ( because like most people I give to others the power to intimidate and censor from afar ) and it forced me to make the chronicle accountable to its subjects .
17 I must also emphasise that the answer I give to the question before me will be of general application .
18 On the contrary , the older I get , the greater priority I give to a loving relationship .
19 I pledge to increase the amount of time or money I give to environmental and development organisations .
20 I give to charity what I can afford . ’
21 Archivist reads : I give to Henry my eldest son my broad loom in the shop with my rapier and dagger and a physic book called the Breviary of Health .
22 I give to you Helen
23 You think to yourself now what am I giving , what am I giving in the contribution box now as compared to one , two , three , four , five , years ago , it may be the same and it may be as much as you can afford , well if that 's so , then that 's grand is n't it ?
24 Erm , funnily enough earlier on in August , erm , I rang you up about Yugoslavia , and er , I , one of the reasons that I gave for not , the Europeans , not intervening in Yugoslavia was my fear that it might lead to the Russian military unseating Gorbachev and my , er , discard that the , the sick man of Russia , so erm , sort of parallel I , well I would n't parallel it with Yugoslavia , my argument in Yugoslavia was that we should n't intervene because we do not have primary interests with , I mean , well we clearly have general interest but we do n't have primary interest , additionally in Russia is that everybody , in the world have interest but I would definitely here say that Britain should clearly do nothing per .
25 ‘ Had you seen me then , as I left your hotel , when I gave into that need to kiss you — be it on the cheek , I 'm sure you would have thought ‘ poor Ven ’ . ’
26 I READ with interest the article about me ( Echo March 2 ) which draws on an interview I gave with two journalists from the Sunday Mail .
27 You really are not so handsome as you promised to be ; and I have long wished , by conversation like this , to do away what mischief the flattering character I gave of you may expose you to .
28 I was the Christian , I gave of myself completely .
29 In some ways it is an improvement over yet older versions , sions , but I hope you realise that the information it encapsulates is much vaguer and less certain than the description I gave of what single cells can do .
30 I remembered that German lad at er sat at side and I gave of one my gun buttons and he gave me this postcard .
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