Example sentences of "[pers pn] know about " in BNC.

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1 The only person that I know about at the playhouse is Gordon .
2 Not that I know about .
3 It 's saying Sussex is n't a word that I know about .
4 j it just happens to be one that I know about .
5 I mean there are certain things like , the general conditioners to benefit , which erm , are alright , but there are other things that I know about and that I will pass on to people to look out for that I would n't want eh , that you would n't want eh , erm , outsiders to know .
6 ‘ None that I knew about , ’ Miss Honey said .
7 Thousands yeah exactly from all over the country and they 'll put these together and they 'll say well in do you know about eighty percent of our interviews people are saying yep .
8 Do you know , do you know about three hundred and sixty degrees goes all the way round ?
9 So they will continue to arise , but I think that it is right to plan to accommodate the ones that you know about .
10 And he told them that was in the flat that you know about and that there was suspicion that other occupants of the flat were in danger .
11 Erm , I really feel that this consultation is coming more than a too late because we started on the slippery slope when the consortium was er first dreamed of o , you know about a year ago and set up in April and that really this is the sort of the inexorable next move , and this consultation is far far too late !
12 So anyway er I mean being a keen motorcyclist I borrowed a Moto Guzzi last year , you know a big V twin , beautiful bike , I went up into Derbyshire and had a you know ride on it , and thought well that 's not bad , see I 've always had British bikes , and I think I might g I might get one of those , so I came back in the house put the helmet down and said hey that Guzzi 's not bad , I could get a decent one for about two thousand you know about nineteen eighty , you know nice Le Mans Two .
13 You know about twenty pound a week I suppose or something stupid .
14 and er you know I think coming to a , a university is a thing that you know like it 's a very sort of novel experience for a lot of people and you know certainly when I started the human psych course here , you know about twelve , thirteen years ago erm you know I did n't know what on earth was , was requ required and I agonized over work for quite , quite a long time and er
15 er Derek 's forty four erm year younger than he is and er he 's got he started , he bought a station and er , years ago , and a station master 's office with a garage and all that , you know about twenty years ago and he dealt in tyres .
16 mine 's only it 's only a you know about nine hundred and sommat C C engine
17 And er you know about sixteen of the twenty two tracks on the C D are songs that people suggested .
18 I mean I do n't understand this you know , they oh bye , see you tomorrow you know about two hours .
19 But last month the Department of the Environment revealed that , out of more than 1500 large dams it knew about 191 have no known owner — and many more have no certificate of safety .
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