Example sentences of "[pers pn] have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The cash it has taken from the likes of you and me has gone to cover its losses caused by firms going to the wall because of the recession .
2 ‘ I 'm sick to death of looking over my shoulder every time I come here , wondering and dreading if someone who knows me has seen me and can guess what I 'm coming here for ! ’
3 He will be reminded of the saying of Jesus , ‘ ’ He who has seen me has seen the Father . ’
4 Faith , by contrast , approaches Jesus with a radically different attitude , recognising in him the revelation of the invisible God , believing that it is true that ‘ he who has seen me has seen the Father ’ .
5 The Tories ' reduction of public borrowing has been excuse me has seen many public services destroyed or disappeared forever .
6 ‘ Yes , the pressure on me has increased since Stuart decided to come back on the England scene , but this is not the first time he has squeezed the position and I accept that challenge from a top-class player . ’
7 ‘ Yes , the pressure on me has increased since Stuart decided to come back on the England scene but this is not the first time he has squeezed the position and I accept that challenge from a top-class player . ’
8 I 've spoken to Ockleton , just as Heather did , and what he told me has led me here , just as it led her . ’
9 ‘ It 's true , sir , ’ I said , trying to stop my voice from trembling , ‘ that everything around me has changed , so I must change too .
10 ‘ All that has happened to me has helped open my eyes and I am still young enough to put the past firmly behind me . ’
11 Nature before me has come this way ,
12 One of my friends ( 'I' ) who just stays a couple of doors up from me has got a very different attitude towards sex .
13 That fellow behind me has got one too .
14 ‘ The search for me has died down .
15 Someone close to me has had a cataract operation in both eyes .
16 With the demise of the traditional industrial landscapes nostalgia for them has grown .
17 ‘ Leave them alone until someone who understands them has examined the site .
18 She notes that a more detailed look at the results above shows that boys are more likely to obtain three A level passes than girls , even though the gap between them has narrowed over the years .
19 ‘ If critics have any reason for existence , ’ one of them has said , ‘ this is it : to give assurance of value , and to provide somehow perhaps anyhow — the means by which readers may be put in possession of the valuable book . ’
20 Love and trust still exist , but because the emotional machinery that registers them has gone wrong , we do not feel as we used to .
21 The employees modify their expectations ; some of the trust between them has gone and with it , as Goffee noted , loyalty or commitment to the organization is reduced .
22 ‘ Now that opposition forces have overthrown Siad Barre , the single objective which united them has gone .
23 I have five children and not much money and not one of them has gone wrong and they all treat me with great respect .
24 Over the past 15 years perinatal mortality rates have more than halved while the social and political pressure to measure and interpret them has increased .
25 The promotion has led to some shops selling out of £120 vacuum cleaners , and the Cambuslang , Strathclyde , factory that makes them has defied the recession by switching to seven-day working .
26 There are unlikely to be any Scottish Conservative Back Benchers either , not only because there are so few of them but because none of them has participated in this debate , apart from a brief intervention by the hon. and learned member for Perth and Kinross ( Sir N. Fairbairn ) that could hardly have been described as serious participation .
27 Other sugar substitutes like saccharin , cyclamate and aspartame , are all targetted at dieters , combining a sweet taste with no calories ( although each one of them has faced questions concerning safety ) .
28 This is probably because they are all adapted to forest or woodland conditions and none of them has developed the close-knit social formations that are characteristic of open-country animals .
29 Each of them has reached me and I know not how to save myself . ’
30 One of them has escaped from a particularly unusual commitment — he was once an angel , but has chosen to become a human being , for the love of humanity .
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