Example sentences of "[pers pn] [adv] to " in BNC.

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1 Make the mix fairly dry and press it well down into the joints , filling them right to the top and finishing them flush .
2 This is because frictional drag ( from a boot or a ski , say ) melts them locally to a thin film of liquid water .
3 Unlike the civilian quality control inspectors of the Department of Technical Control ( OTK ) , whose salary arrangements link them effectively to their enterprises , the voyenpredi are in every sense the agents and servants of their respective services .
4 Lower them slowly to shoulder height .
5 Lower them slowly to the start position .
6 He did not go so far as to offer to guide them onward to Gilsland , by night , since that would have been to insult the Armstrongs , Jardines and Johnstones .
7 They were off Burnmouth by sunrise , where the rowers rested awhile , for Ramsay had bargained with the fishermen to take them onward to Dunbar , in a repetition of the previous escape .
8 His master closed his book and invited me politely to the table .
9 ‘ The idea is for them eventually to be restored completely and turned into a working museum , ’ said Mr Rawlinson .
10 As of the end of June 1991 at least six of these statutes were undergoing the process of appeal which would almost certainly bring them eventually to the Supreme Court , where any of them could serve as the occasion for the reversal of the 1973 landmark abortion rights ruling , Roe v. Wade .
11 Do n't take me right to the party , drop me off at Sam 's .
12 It took me right to the McDarroch days as he fished out one forceps after another , opened and shut them a few times then tried them on me .
13 We stood eyeing each other for a few minutes and then to my amazement a jeep came up ; the farmer saw my problem and not only gave me a lift past the bull but took me right to the main road where the bike was .
14 ‘ Someone who may be able to lead me right to the heart of the operation , ’ he said softly .
15 The element of distortion and the handling of the space in these paintings relates them intimately to Cubism , although most Cubist painting is close , too , in feeling to the more constructive and austere portraits , still lifes and landscapes .
16 He took the strip of plaster from the pouch at his belt and peeled off two short lengths , taping them loosely to his upper arm .
17 For whatever reason , the French failed either to withdraw their forces from what were intended as border strongholds or to reinforce them sufficiently to be able to withstand attacks from Vietminh forces which could now be launched at divisional strength trained and commensurately equipped by the Chinese communist armies which had reached the frontier the year before .
18 In general , if you ca n't restate someone else 's ideas in your own words , it is likely that you do not yet understand them sufficiently to be able to make appropriate use of them .
19 That there are distanciations and self-reflexivities is apparent , but to attribute them mechanically to Brecht or to modernism is formalist in its most naive sense .
20 Functionally the nerve cells may be sensory ( afferent ) neurons , conveying impulses inwards from the sense organs ( p. 123 ff. ) , motor or efferent neurons , conveying them outwards to the effector organs , and association neurons ( interneurons ) that link the other two types .
21 My quest took me swiftly to the premises of John F. Renshaw & Company , giants among British nut people , and purveyors of nuts to royalty .
22 But then there was a sound that sent me swiftly to the door .
23 ‘ I 'm talking about liking people , liking them enough to be friends .
24 Every clinic in the United Kingdom has to collect figures on the total attendance and the diagnoses and submit them quarterly to the Department of Health .
25 It is this too which causes me personally to be deeply resentful of the practice so prevalent in the mass of fiscal and planning legislation of relegating provisions of real substance to Schedules which are sometimes cross-referenced between one another , so that construing the statute becomes a sort of verbal jigsaw puzzle that can only be solved by laying out numerous copies of the Act open at different pages or by the judicious use of more fingers than the number with which nature has been pleased to endow us .
26 The author did not understand these and thought them perhaps to be due to changes in reflectance .
27 A different allocation of resources might also have produced growth , but diverting them merely to the home market would have substituted only on the assumption that resources were already being fully utilised there .
28 Last night you trusted me enough to be your first lover .
29 I would n't have changed places with my father 's new children who , although they were five and seven , still seemed to smell of damp nappies and regurgitated milk , but I used sometimes to wonder what I would have been like if he had devoted similar time to me and not left me entirely to the women .
30 I 've brought out a pack of cards , but when you know you 've got them only to while away the hours , they are as exciting as a stack of washing up .
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