Example sentences of "[pers pn] [adv] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 I was so pleased , ’ she looked at me shyly or was it a little slyly , ‘ I could understand from knowing my Classics what the old peasants were saying .
2 I 'd heard so much about the blinking cruise being in October and not in September that I 'd considered it done and June , fool that she is , chose not to challenge me outright because her tactic is to suffer in silence until her suffering spills from her like lava , devastating everyone in its path .
3 In fact it is possible to enjoy them most when one is aware of them least .
4 A later article will argue that this lowering of costs does not eliminate them altogether but rather transfers them .
5 A confidential Ministry of Information report , written in April 1968 , revealed that the two papers owed Sh.900,000/ — to the printers , who threatened to discontinue working on them altogether unless this amount were paid and an assurance received from the Treasury that printing costs for the rest of the financial year would be met .
6 You can wash the erm , the beaters , and you can put the cream next to the other bowl and I 'll mix them altogether when I 've got the lemon juice in .
7 In the second group , 69 per cent thought that other factors were more important than qualifications , and in the third , 75 per cent ignored them altogether or considered them meaningless .
8 How might such processes be affected in female readers ' responses to stories about males , which concern traditionally male interests and which frequently exclude them altogether or restrict them to a passive role ?
9 And then there were the the dose was reduced and then I had to come off them altogether and after twenty nine years of dieting unsuccessfully I gave up dieting and I have n't put on any weight since I gave up dieting !
10 And she went on a party of three , no , no , she went with a party of four friends I think , there were five of them altogether and er she stayed for well er , three nights , four days , or four days , three nights I ca n't remember no , it must have been four days , four nights , three days .
11 She watched them suspiciously as they plodded through the soft , dry sand all churned-up with trippers ’ footprints .
12 A letter card came from France , but it told them little except that he was well and a letter followed .
13 Either we use them properly or we get rid of them .
14 ‘ The third defendant denies the plaintiffs ' claim against him but if contrary to his contentions he is held liable to the plaintiffs , he claims against you to be indemnified against the plaintiffs ' claims and the costs of this action , alternatively contribution to such extent of the plaintiffs ' claims as the court may think fit , on the grounds that ( 1 ) at all material times , you were the accountants retained by and advising the plaintiffs and each of them in respect of the proposed transaction ( and in particular the financial aspects thereof ) in relation to which the said alleged liability of the plaintiffs and each of them to [ B.M.T. ] was incurred ; ( 2 ) in about the period from January to September 1983 , you acted in breach of contract and negligently towards the plaintiffs and each of them in that you failed to advise them properly or at all with regard to the said proposed transaction and the financial aspects thereof and in particular failed to explain the full nature and extent thereof to the plaintiffs and each of them and/or failed to advise the plaintiffs as to the commercial prudence of the same and/or the risks inherent in proceeding with the same and/or failed to warn them not to enter into the same ; ( 3 ) that in so far as any financial information was or may have been communicated by the third defendant he did so in reliance upon information supplied by you .
15 The children were taken into care in mid-1987 because of their parents ' inability to look after them properly and following suspicions of sexual abuse against the girl .
16 but er otherwise I 'll , I 'll would n't , I never want to go back to Nazeing not after now and , and now the , this new town we were taken shopping the other Tuesday , it was really lovely and we see all the shops , first time I 've really seen them properly and er I thoroughly enjoyed it and we were all given erm in a , is it Blockers one of the shops ?
17 I had forgotten my way and had to look all round me slowly until I recognized the street which I had used a hundred times before .
18 The quota , in short , forced some British filmmakers to be realistic about the economic constraints operating in British filmmaking , and to look to what could be achieved within them rather than simply hoping that film budgets could rise on some magic carpet to figures close to those of Hollywood pictures .
19 The irony for England was that had he decided differently he would have been playing for them rather than against them , for his parents had brought him from Barbados at the age of twelve to live in Reading , and he had played for England schoolboys .
20 Towards dawn , she said to his sleeping back that he loved his employers more than he loved her and if he had been half the man he thought himself , he would have left them rather than abandon her .
21 The ‘ I ’ at one and the same time transcends the body ( so that for instance we talk of our bodies as something separate from ourselves and say that we ‘ have ’ them rather than ‘ are ’ them ) and is immanent or present in the body .
22 Fitzroy Maclean and Bill Cumper , the engineer , managed to obtain a pair of small black inflatables , with the intention that the team would operate them rather than using SBS personnel .
23 The temptation to park on top of them rather than beside them was overwhelming , but then jacked-up pick-ups do that to you .
24 This gets you to concentrate on them rather than yourself and you 'll discover that even the most famous people value your compliments .
25 Respect for young readers is often expressed by working with them as distinct from working for them ; asking them rather than telling them .
26 Having said all that , you should keep your hands and nails in good condition for yourself and be proud of them rather than try to hide them away from view .
27 When children have not been warned that their parent is going to ignore them rather than shout at them the rate of their difficult behaviour may temporarily increase ( Sajwaj and Dillon 1976 ) .
28 If you find it hard to accept authority from younger nurses who may have less overall experience than you , try to explain your difficulties to them rather than allowing resentment to build up between you .
29 Such nurses need to benefit from an individual appraisal and assessment of their experience and skills so that re-entry becomes a natural progression for them rather than a hurdle to be jumped .
30 As a legal precedent section 2(5) of the 1981 Education Act was significant because it was addressed directly to governing bodies and assigned a primary role to them rather than the local authorities .
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