Example sentences of "[noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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1 A further concern is that some journals do not transmit the referees ' comments to the authors ; this wastes the referees ' time and fails to appreciate that they want to improve published articles not just act as gatekeepers .
2 The winners will meet the Scottish champions , Murrayfield Racers in the final in two months ' time , writes Steve Pinder .
3 - Your summer clothes go into hibernation in cupboards , wardrobes , dry cleaners ' , cloakrooms , hat-stands , boots of cars , other people 's houses , restaurant vestibules , backs of chairs in disused rooms and many other places from which they will eventually creep , crumpled and dishevelled , in six months ' time .
4 The unspoken concern of West Germany and France is that if sterling joined the ERM at its present exchange rate , a devaluation might still be required in several months ' time .
5 That decision may be taken instead by the EC summit due to be held in Rome in 12 months ' time — although the practical effect will be to delay the start of the intergovernmental conference by only a few months to early in 1991 .
6 The winner will be announced in two months ' time .
7 Reports that the economy might improve in six months ' time .
8 But what I 'm wearing now I 'll be wearing in a year or eighteen months , it does n't chop and change like a fashion ; the meaning it has now is the same one it will have in eighteen months ' time .
9 This nine-year-old , outpaced at a crucial stage in the race , finished strongly in ninth place , and with Party Politics , gives Mrs Thompson excellent prospects of a second Grand National triumph in 12 months ' time .
10 Assume a German exporter is due $10m in three months ' time .
11 Exporter 's $10m receipt in three months ' time under a forward contract will be worth DM40.4m .
12 German exporter expects to receive $ 100,000 in three months ' time .
13 Then they would n't find me , and I could plan my life and find a job and a flat and go home in six months ' time having proved I 'm adult and they 'll have to let go and let me do what I absolutely , passionately want to do with my life .
14 She has an 18-year-old son , who plans to go to university in a few months ' time and the thought of life on her own fills her with anxiety .
15 You might want it to be different again in six months ' time , or even next week — but do you love it as it is right now ?
16 Follow your own energy , and do whatever attracts you — bearing in mind that an exercise might be helpful next week , or in six months ' time , rather than now .
17 We have started a bereavement group in our area — two afternoons a month and one evening session — which we are going to evaluate in six months ' time .
18 Detractors of what has been achieved so far in Docklands , 10 years after the LDDC 's inception , fail to remember that there is one other artery into the area that will have a positive effect on commercial property : the underground road tunnel known as the Limehouse Link , which is expected to open in about eight months ' time , eliminating tedious congestion at Tower Bridge and Wapping .
19 Be honest with your answers and repeat the questionnaire in two months ' time !
20 A staggering 52% — mostly females — said they expect rates to be higher in 12 months ' time with a consequent knock-on effect on mortgages .
21 Now she will have to spend another three years behind bars instead of walking free in 11 months ' time .
22 Mr Lamont forecasts that the economy will be growing at the rate of three per cent per year in 12 months ' time ; he would have carried more conviction , if he had not made the same ‘ jam tomorrow ’ forecast a year ago .
23 It is preferable to arrange to visit in about 6 months ' time for a general discussion on how they are getting on .
24 Her character — child bride Fizz — will leave the show in two months ' time .
25 The main intention is to have the former LMS locomotive restored back to full working order , hopefully in 18 months ' time .
26 So get your orders in well in advance for when the putter goes into production in a few months ' time … .
27 If it picks an insider or a retiree , then we will all be back to writing the company 's obituary in three months ' time so it has to be an outsider , and one name canvassed that should be crossed off the list at once is that of ‘ Neutron ’ Jack Welch , boss of General Electric Co — not because he does n't have the capability but because he does not have a background in the computer industry .
28 IBM has invested so much in the development of , and so much more in the marketing of , OS/2 2.0 that it has to plough on with it even if in 18 months ' time it becomes clear that it is becoming at best a respectable also-ran in the desktop stakes .
29 And , after he completed his report in about three months ' time , it would be published , she said .
30 Given the time it takes to write and then publish a book , our apparently insatiable appetite for the stuff causes real problems : the satirical observation conceived now is likely to look at best , a little tired , and , at worst , incomprehensible , in twelve to eighteen months ' time .
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