Example sentences of "[noun pl] that [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Has the Liberal party broken a convention , or was it merely a display of bad manners that they left the Chamber immediately after their spokesman had finished ?
2 I was not wearing any special clothes , but this lady — she was from an old Lucknow family could see by my manners that I was not a common person . ’
3 While they may not alter the actual risks that something will happen , they at least inspire the feeling that such events are not entirely outside the hunter 's control .
4 Neither should they encourage Soviet people , in the Baltic states or elsewhere , to take risks that they would not otherwise take .
5 If the mother objects to abortion on moral or religious grounds , the tests are virtually pointless , and certainly not worth the additional risks that they raise .
6 It seemed to professionals and parents that there are certain ways in which young people can be helped : regimes they should follow ; treatments that are essential to their well-being ; skills and knowledge they require ; and risks that they need to be sheltered from .
7 Having assessed the possibilities of the transaction , the financiers will then wish to evaluate in detail the risks that they are likely to take .
8 The creation of a captive insurance company may enable the group to save on premiums and to cover risks that their normal insurers do not ( eg excess claims ) .
9 Mrs Martin , 38 , says doctors failed to warn her of the risks that her sterilisation operation might not work forever .
10 During his tours of the Middle and Far East Duncan Sandys was made well aware by British Governors , High Commissioners and Commanders-in-Chief of the political and military risks that he was taking ; and local political leaders , like the Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaya and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore , warned him of the dangers of creating power vacuums that could be exploited by the Communist powers .
11 ‘ There must be risks that there could be moves afoot in the not too distant future for the closure of the Petersfield Court .
12 They would highlight certain characteristics of human beings , such as emotions or the capacity to make moral choices , as characteristics that they wish to value above all others .
13 A dangerous species is defined as ‘ a species ( a ) which is not commonly domesticated in the British Islands and ( b ) whose fully grown animals normally have such characteristics that they are likely , unless restrained , to cause severe damage or that any damage they may cause is likely to be severe . ’
14 All too often , students engage in study that only results in shallow or superficial learning of the first type — for example , the rote learning of names , dates , superficial factual data and characteristics that you hold in your short-term memory just long enough to pass an examination and that are then rapidly forgotten , because they have not been internalized — perhaps because our psyches know they are not of much use in the long run .
15 Almost all the characteristics that I enumerate apply to other nations in one way or another .
16 ‘ Sly , Sir , devilishly sly ! ’ would be my chapter heading , and egotism and idleness the principal characteristics that I should assign to him . ’
17 We should n't adopt stands that we try this now and try something else next time round , which I believe is what the C E C is recommending .
18 The sounds that Angus heard and the sounds that his wife heard and the songs that they sung .
19 Oh yeah yeah and they they keep er actually this album the reason it 's called I keep saying album we keep going back to the days of vinyl er the reason its called By Request over the last four of five years Telstar sent out a sort of feelers on different sleeves asking people if there were any songs that they might like to hear Foster and Allen sing .
20 Then all of a sudden these strange people started coming out of record companies who were involved in the video end of it and deciding this is what we should do with that song and sort of you know these were songs that we had planned and recorded and and all of a sudden these people were changing them .
21 Just taking aye , just songs that I liked and I just er take them off tapes and , and records , and I just write them down ,
22 er I should imagine they 'll be singing ‘ There 'll be blue birds over the White Cliffs of Dover ’ erm ‘ I 'll be seeing you again ’ and all the songs that I 'm not quite sure of , but I 'm sure that of my readers know well .
23 He 'd been making some records but they were n't successful and for the first few weeks after I 'd met him and decided to work with him , I was listening to songs that he 'd written , and was in the process of writing , and came to the conclusion that he was not essentially a singles artist .
24 MANSON 'S SOLO LP , featuring songs that he originally presented to Byrds producer Terry Melcher in the hope of landing a major record deal .
25 The most you can hope to do is to record the songs that you like , and that is as much ‘ planning ’ as there is in Kiss .
26 What , how did how did you collect the songs that you sing then , I mean were they just things that
27 Are there songs when when you er are in concert as you are tonight , are there songs that you could not miss out ?
28 But it 's rather surprising that is n't it cos er a a lot of these er songs that you sing actually came from America .
29 Are you happy to sing the songs that you sing ?
30 And I know so many songs that it would be fun to go out there and say , ‘ Hey , man , do you remember this one ? ’ or , ‘ Here 's one you have n't heard in a long time . ' ’
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