Example sentences of "[noun pl] that [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Manners that have gone by the board
2 Thus , since it is large ‘ failures ’ that are easily detected and that , as a consequence , reap penalties , methods are sought to ensure that large risks that entail high probabilities of failure are not undertaken or , if undertaken , that responsibility does not rest on any single individual , for example by requiring consultation among a number of individuals .
3 Many firms take risks that do not come off .
4 Horror stories are rife of ex-cons setting up their own security companies , with all the obvious risks that entails .
5 The condition can also follow heavy applications of lime and is one of the risks that have to be taken when a heavy liming is needed to neutralize severe acidity quickly when it is causing problems like canker for example .
6 Essentially this new regulation , or reregulation as it has become known , is the supervision of conflicts of interest and other risks that arise out of the process of deregulation .
7 Of all the risks that face the world economy over the next few months , the most easily avoidable is this threat of trade war .
8 But references to meanings are generally based on certain accidental characteristics that act as contextual code signals in communication , and can hardly be treated as part of the " essential description " of their referents .
9 Most other weapons can not be considered to have characteristics that make their use illegal whatever the circumstances ; although some others perhaps do — for example , bacteriological weapons , which can equally be argued to be per se illegal .
10 The personal , ‘ background ’ characteristics that make one person 's voice recognisably different from another .
11 These areas tended to be socially deprived , with more unemployment , more manual workers , etc. , i.e. those characteristics that tend to be associated with a high offender rate .
12 And then of course , the other characteristics that go with religion , and that he had emphasized in other books on Totem and Taboo , like guilt , the feeling that you ought to obey the moral commands of the parents , because after all the parents were n't just benevolent entities who looked after you and rewarded you and praised you , but they were your judges and censors as well .
13 But what I ca n't understand is why you needed to know what star sign I am , or the characteristics that go with it .
14 Intel is firm in stating that this device is not a 486 with 386 pin outs and point out that the 486 has cache and burst I/O characteristics that require a 486 design on the main board in order to work properly .
15 Indeed , agricultural equipment data should have unusually favourable characteristics that avoid some of the problems that some manufacturing investment data exhibit — most notably the conceptual and estimation problems that occur when there is a long lag between the placement of a new order and its subsequent delivery sometime in the future .
16 As well as the academic and professional qualifications , accountants who aspire to the de rigueur red braces must also have personal characteristics that set them apart .
17 Motion pictures were to develop into the great mass entertainment of the twentieth century but they had first been shown in the cities of the late nineteenth century and both as an industry and as a social activity they were never to lose characteristics that had been determined at their birth .
18 The confounding factors were patients ' characteristics that had been shown to be predictive of increased perinatal risk .
19 But the mirror has two characteristics that indicate those ways in which Thru goes beyond the self-reflexive novel .
20 solids Some of the characteristics that distinguish these three states of matter are shown in table 3.1 .
21 Professor Kellert used the results of his survey to identify what he considered to be the main animal characteristics that guided North American preferences .
22 These divergent states are often subjectively perceived as having distinctive characteristics that mark them out as discrete varieties : people can recognize regional varieties such as ‘ Birmingham ’ English , ‘ Yorkshire ’ English and so on , and they often have a fairly clear idea of how such varieties are distinguished from one another .
23 From a policy perspective , it may be considered propitious that the patterns of fertility that impair the health of infants and young children are the same reproductive characteristics that bear in a maleficent sense upon the well-being of mothers .
24 In the process of sexual selection , certain males were said to develop characteristics that gave them the edge over other males in the competition for females .
25 Such diversity emphasizes that gender , class , economic , and cultural arrangements are important family characteristics that need to be reflected in policies affecting the ten million family members in the UK who are retired .
26 In fact , there are relatively few morphological , physiological or behavioural characteristics that do not differ to some extent between males and females ( see Glucksman , 1974 ) and the extent of these differences varies widely between species .
27 Television news has three significant characteristics that affect its ability to influence the electorate .
28 In this particular instance it is representational , as the ‘ performance mode ’ is , for the child is required to describe in action whatever the teacher suggests ( as in the example above , ‘ So you go to the bathroom and turn the doorknob ’ ) , but the ‘ exercise mode ’ has other characteristics that give it a special mental quality .
29 We have begun to measure these trees , noting characteristics that give us clues to their genetic relationships : these trees , growing under plantation conditions , will eventually tell us whether we really have collected new genes useful to farmers who grow cocoa .
30 Lost Charms , Graham Budgett 's literal images of bracelet charms represent human characteristics that have been lost ( Tom Hopkinson Room until 7 Mar )
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