Example sentences of "[noun pl] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 They are just carrying out their life in accordance with the rules given them , as all ‘ people ’ including Chewong do .
2 The tenant should consider deleting both clauses 11.1 and 11.2 though for the reasons given they could perhaps be tolerated if necessary .
3 I agree with it and , for the reasons given him , I , too , would allow the appeal .
4 My Lords , for the reasons given I would however dismiss this appeal .
5 We might conceive of the aside as occupying a zone midway between the play and the audience ; we continue to experience the play , but we do so via the new information or attitudes given us by the character or characters speaking the asides .
6 Burrows and Hunter 's general conclusion is that " from the views given us by local authorities the 1988 Housing Act 's strengthening of the anti-harassment laws have made prosecutions slightly easier for local authorities but , in practice , there is often a failure to prosecute for a range of non-legal reasons " ( p. 41 ) .
7 Could you give guidance on the important matter of confidences given us by constituents ?
8 This teacher 's view that the Afro-Caribbean pupils felt obliged to live up to the labels given them by the school was reiterated by other teachers .
9 Whatever the original guidelines given them , goes the argument , the agents get drawn into doing what is in the best interest of those they are regulating — they are , wittingly or unwittingly , captured by the people they are supposed to be policing ( see , for example , Stigler , 1971 ) .
10 ‘ All hens give me asthma , ’ said Mrs Totteridge with finality .
11 Our new world industry correspondent , Richard Feast , casts a critical eye over recent motor show offerings , and concludes that Japan 's ‘ lean ’ production methods give them the opportunity to offer imaginative and stimulating new models
12 That , that 's open to the general public but where I stand you have to have a membership card to go in there now , and er you pay two pound before the season started and er local traders give you a discount and things erm it 's just one way of er segregating the supporters if you like , but there does n't seem to be so much trouble since they 've done this , but at the same time there does n't seem to be as much atmosphere
13 Goldfish ca n't turn their heads around but their slightly bulging eyes give them a wide field of vision .
14 But the eyes give him away : sometimes they are all-seeing , giving the impression that he is quietly dissecting one 's soul .
15 Upon closer inspection , only her eyes give her away , quick with the flicker of paranoia , scanning the room like marbles .
16 His Etonian vowels give him a peculiar aural resemblance to Brian Johnston of Test Match Special ( imagine Johnners talking about what an axe can do to the flesh and you will have some idea of just how disorienting this is ) .
17 Wella 's high quality , creamy formulations give you a look you never dreamed you could achieve at home .
18 We have already pointed out that clarinets in unison with high trumpets give them increased roundness of tone and certainty of attack .
19 Sumptuous public rooms , marble floors and rugs give it a style of its own , and the restaurant opens onto a splendid waterfront terrace .
20 Words give us power over every other creature and thing in the natural world .
21 OUR super EXCLUSIVE Wallchart features 14 of the terrible tearaways and the dramatic full-colour pictures give you just a hint of what it must be like to meet them in the ring .
22 The subject of art has for too long been considered by many teachers as a frill , — there it is on the time-table , a compulsory subject ; some schools give it a period a week , some a double period , and some even more .
23 fair point , its still er , I mean its a considerable number , I mean you can see why the insurance company 's are doing quite well , but your willing to put up with that as well for the , for the good points of a car , for the freedom that er , that cars give you and the safety someone has said , the individual safety as a woman , yes .
24 ‘ I 'm very glad that my books give you such pleasure , ’ responded Melissa with total sincerity .
25 We 're all really close to each other , so if the lads give me a good track with some good bits that turn me on , I want to do well for them , I wan na get some lyrics out they 'd like .
26 We 're in the finale now lads give it all you 've got .
27 kids give it a shove , pushed it on the street
28 Tennis rackets give you a lot of power but the most power you get from the body .
29 Finally , both Biddulph and Music and Arts give us Weber 's A flat Sonata ( played with inimitable brio and wit ) , and Mendelssohn and Liszt respectively .
30 The finding of individual coins or of coin hoards can in some rather obvious respects give us the same sort of information , since the loss of a single coin or the deposit of a hoard is proof of some sort of direct or indirect contact between the place of mint and the place of deposit .
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