Example sentences of "[adv] a time " in BNC.

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1 In any event , this is very much a time to gain new qualifications and add to you overall knowledge .
2 What took place towards the very end of March should have made you realise that this is very much a time to hold you fire when dealing with important professional issues .
3 ( 3 ) When looking at clauses which require compliance with time limits ( eg a time limit for notifying a warranty claim after a defect is discovered in goods supplied under the contract ) the question to ask is whether the time limit has been imposed from a genuine need to protect the other party 's position , or whether it is there to make it difficult , or practically impossible , for the other party to exercise its rights under the clause .
4 Too long a time with any one of the above steps of the sequence would only serve to emphasise their ignorance , whereas variety offers opportunity for different kinds of engagement .
5 The new Act abolished the old method of arranging with creditors by a deed of composition , assignment or otherwise ‘ which has for so long a time disgraced our law ’ .
6 How long a time ? ’
7 Is three years too long a time , particularly for males in their 40s ?
8 The children of the Indians are saved , to be sold or given away as servants , or rather slaves for as long a time as the owners can make them believe themselves slaves .
9 So much peace and plenty , for so long a time .
10 Or it may be that you are not introducing enough variety in your activities , either always doing things in the same few ways , or else doing the same activity for too long a time at one stretch .
11 He held her in his arms , still and warm , and after a while in that darkness he felt as though he held nothing at all ; it was like when a limb , having been left in the same position for too long a time , somehow loses all reference to the body , and for those instants before some willed movement the very location and attitude of that arm or leg is quite unknown .
12 It was , wrote the best-known and most influential of them , the Abbe de Saint-Pierre , ‘ that vain Idol to which the Nations have Sacrificed so blindly , so fruitlessly , and for so long a Time , so much Blood and Treasure ’ .
13 I mean , after so long a time .
14 In an article in Nature , Susan Solomon and Daniel Albritton of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration argue that policy makers may have been using too long a time scale to measure the destructive potential of CFCs , halons and their substitutes .
15 Obviously there are other aspects of intelligent behaviour , some of which Bali may discourage ; perhaps a time will come when he tells himself ‘ I 've run away from a big world to a little one , I was wrong ’ .
16 When cΔt exceeds Δr , the interval is positive and P 2 can be reached from P 1 by travelling at a velocity less than the speed of light ; the interval is called time-like because we can choose an inertial frame such that r 1 = r 2 leaving only a time separation between the two events .
17 But this was no longer a time for words .
18 As a result , it was almost 20 years before I managed as slow a time as 13.3 again .
19 Though adolescence is generally a time of intense sociability. it can also often be a time of intense loneliness .
20 ‘ Not exactly a time to go visiting , lass ! ’ that lady had said with a sigh .
21 Gibeau felt that we had had too easy a time of it at Canjuers and for the last three days introduced a new punishment .
22 I am giving Gittel-plus-nine much too easy a time .
23 I have not included in this estimate any involvement by us in assisting your lawyers with the preparation of the contract and disclosure letter which is usually a time consuming exercise .
24 In practice , the average is usually a time average ; one observes and averages the velocity at a point over a period long enough for separate measurements to give effectively the same result .
25 A fact especially true of ‘ Commitment ’ , always a time for Robin 's sorrowful unshackling .
26 Given the complexity of this task there is always a time lag in the publication of mortality by cause of death data .
27 The teens and twenties are always a time for questioning , evaluating , making up your own mind , finding your own sense of person .
28 It is always a time of celebration .
29 There 's always a time she might be able to exchange
30 That was still a time when serious writing was impossible , so I began to translate , mainly English , American and German novels and short story collections .
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