Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 In other words , I shall dispute that ontological existents can be coherently treated in an uncritical metaphysical fashion as " things ( existing unconditionally ) in themselves " .
2 It would be natural to assume that this attempt to create a rift between Offa and the papacy occurred before the visit of the legates in 786 and that the visit was part of a process of reconciliation , but this is not wholly justified for Hadrian 's letter could date to the late rather than the mid-780s , and reflect hostility to one or more of a number of Offa 's actions .
3 That is not , in any way , to take away from the fine documentation of every tournament played in 1991 , many of which were penned by British tennis journalists , who continue to be the most travelled in the world .
4 THE ULTIMATE teen movie , a sharp-edged black comedy which mercilessly swipes at adolescent angst , peer pressure , consumerism , and that old favourite , the generation gap .
5 Controls on illegal trade in animals and plants will effectively disappear with the introduction of the European single market at the start of 1993 .
6 The wheel came full circle last year when he suddenly became ill with a bewildering illness eventually diagnosed as amyloid of the kidneys .
7 Social class becomes significant when we realise that patterns of recruitment are not distributed randomly from all social strata : managerial and education , motivation , and personality variables , but this is not so significant that social background can be altogether dismissed as a relevant factor in work behaviour .
8 The fact that the " adornment " theory was entertained for so long deserves some explanation and its appropriateness can not be altogether dismissed in the case of " artificial " styles cultivated by such Renaissance mannerists as Sidney and Lyly .
9 The hardest hit Americans included Ed Ruscha , Donald Sultan and Frank Stella though Anthony Grant at Sotheby 's stresses that demand has already bounced back for top works by Julian Schnabel and others badly mauled in 1991 .
10 In December 1917 Malcolm was given command ( as major-general ) of the 66th division , which was badly mauled in the great German offensive launched by Erich Ludendorff in March 1918 .
11 I later learnt that the corpse had been badly mauled in battle , the face disfigured by a crashing axe blow .
12 ‘ Well , the body was badly mauled in battle . ’
13 When it does , it tends to be a reaction to perceived injustice , such as internment without trial , or the conviction of a son by a sole judge in a trial held in total secrecy and on the evidence of unseen witnesses , or a simple case of one 's house being badly mauled by careless soldiers searching for arms .
14 ‘ They said it looks OK but they 've towed it off somewhere to search for clues .
15 The terms of this order are to govern any contract between the Buyer and Seller and shall prevail over any terms put forward by the Seller , unless the Buyer expressly agrees to them in writing .
16 The drafter may try to protect his/her client in the battle of the forms by including an appropriate provision in the terms such as : The terms of this order are to govern any contract between the Buyer and Seller and shall prevail over any terms put forward by the Seller , unless the Buyer expressly agrees to them in writing .
17 Because the national curriculum can not be properly taught without new textbooks , we will earmark funds for class and library books .
18 I , I doubt whether she 's been properly taught on the subject quite frankly .
19 Labour , for example , wants next year to throw £20 million at a ‘ reading recovery scheme ’ for which there would be absolutely no need had reading been properly taught in the first place ( something which requires little in the way of ‘ resources ’ ) .
20 The meal was finished , his father had returned to the newspaper , rather deflated at his family 's lack of appreciation of his vice-presidency , and his mother had finished her ice cream and was rising from the table .
21 In 1966 Peyton Rous was duly honoured with a Nobel prize .
22 It was like all that ego-building which eventually turns into a monster .
23 Since preview audiences rated it both best and worst thing in the film — presumably depending on level of squeamishness — it obviously made an impression .
24 And he urged a new emphasis on the victims , saying they were badly treated under the present system .
25 This galloping course will suit his action and he is not badly treated at the weights on his best form .
26 However , I prefer NO COMEBACKS , not badly treated on just a 4lb higher mark than when landing a comfortable victory at Redcar last month .
27 Thus , owners who were forced to sell their land to public authorities considered themselves to be very badly treated in comparison with those who were able to sell at the enhanced prices resulting in part from planning restrictions on other sites .
28 If tempers have flared , and especially if you have been badly treated by your employer , the urge to retaliate with every means at your disposal will be enormous .
29 They say that monkeys are often badly treated by people who bring them into the country without really understanding how to care for them .
30 I think one of my difficulties with Adam Bede is that she begins to lose interest a little bit in the figure of the beautiful , but not actually very bright , village girl , whose seduction is an important part of the story , and by the end of the book we feel that she 's actually bored with Hettie , is n't really concerned any longer to explore Hettie 's own sufferings as the other woman who has been badly treated by the rascally gentleman .
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