Example sentences of "[noun pl] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 In my experience the most effective way to resist his attempts to snag you is to heave at him with as much side-strain as your tackle strength will allow .
2 On Sept. 6 interest in the Iran-contra investigation was renewed when a federal grand jury indicted Clair E. George , former chief of CIA covert operations , on 10 felony accounts accusing him of lying to and obstructing congressional and judicial investigations of the Iran-contra affair .
3 Bachelard 's work on the formation of scientific disciplines led him to argue that the proper form of historical analysis should focus not upon an empirical history but upon the cognitive or epistemological status of concepts that distinguish a new science from an old one .
4 Suffice to say , whether Boogie , Bop or simply Blues , this set of Brothers , whatever they once were before they fell out and dispatched solicitors to sue their siblings , will be wearing dark glasses , pork pie hats , black side-burns and will be playing Stax/Atlantic type material .
5 Dahl argued that power is fragmented between the different groups involved in the decision-making process since different groups got their way on different issues .
6 This led the Germans to emphasise their strengths in things other than politics , especially culture ( during the first half of the 19th century ) and industry ( during the second half ) , using these to build the German nation .
7 The hostile reception of Alford 's views led him to reflect that he was being denied the parliamentary right of free speech .
8 I jut hope to god Fashanu and John Scales sought themselves out .
9 Supporters of a no-confidence referendum had gathered 440,000 signatures to support their demand .
10 The chief purpose of the chapter is to outline how the two opposing groups in Ireland developed their dominant beliefs in the context of the new states of Ireland , and moulded the states to support them , strengthening antagonisms between the two groups .
11 Melt into the Jungle and no-one sees them again until Vic 's researchers track them down a year ago .
12 Ripa di Meana 's idea would , however , require an international treaty whereby Italy would relinquish sovereignty over the town in exchange for the other member states financing its revitalisation .
13 The French fabliau in England may take one of two basic forms : fabliaux composed in Old French in France of which copies made their way to England , and fabliaux composed ( in most cases re-composed ) in the Anglo-Norman dialect , presumably in England .
14 These section 52 agreements became the object of increasing contention in the 1970s , with local authorities seeing them as a means of bargaining for planning gain , while developers , at the extreme , regarded them as blackmail .
15 ‘ They view themselves as strategic transport authorities seeing what congestion problems can be solved by rail , ’ says Causebrook .
16 Investigations revealed he was driving without insurance or a licence .
17 These imperfections make it all the more important for regulators to enforce the BIS minimums and set higher standards for riskier banks .
18 One of the other Germans emptied it and I recognized among the papers the interrogation form which the naval officer on the island had filled in .
19 He sees the deviant group as creating its own circumstances to the extent that it makes meaningful the societal reactions to it , or better generates meaning for itself in a world whose societal reactions deny them the full status of persons .
20 These will in most cases make it easier for tax exiles to acquire a foreign domicile .
21 When the storm broke they were literally in the front line , but they continued to stock The Satanic Verses and in many cases display it prominently .
22 He said he only needed to do two or three locums at these school clinics to see him round the other half of the world and he went off .
23 They chronicle current attempts to continue what they see as an amoral practice .
24 A team led by Basil Rose used a cloud chamber to measure the momentum of the neutrons coming from Zeta 's plasma , the measurements which they made in the spring of 1958 , showed that the fusion reactions producing them were between nuclei with on average a net directed momentum .
25 It could either provide that all married women should hold their property as their separate property — thus giving to all married women the right to dispose of their property and to make contracts binding it which formerly could only be given to them by a will or a settlement ; or it could adopt the more straightforward course of making the capacity of a married woman to own property , make contracts , and incur liability for torts the same as that of a man .
26 Wildlife is abundant in fish , ducks and water hens , and it is a great joy in springtime to see mother ducks bring their families down the steep church embankment , across the road and onto the pond .
27 Wilful and wasteful of such innocent , joyful music , Mordkovitch wrenched at the tempi , disregarded the dynamics and , showing a wanton unfeelingness for the orchestra 's commendable attempts to accommodate her in a notey accompaniment , trailed Yuasa reeling in her wake .
28 Some writers feel that there is much more scope for local authorities using their wide powers to charge to enhance their revenue ( Blair , 1991 ) .
29 John Saville , chairman of the J Saville Gordon parent group , said there was nothing to prevent the local authorities using their compulsory purchase powers to acquire the site if they so wished .
30 Our view is that we should let local authorities make their own decisions about their priorities .
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