Example sentences of "[noun pl] [conj] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 hark an hear da tractor a dizzen times afore he cam
2 So , smoker or not , drinker or latter-day prohibitionist , be sure to equip yourself with your full duty-free quotas of Marlboros and Bells afore ye go behind the remnants of the Iron Curtain .
3 However , the toxic effects of aluminium on fish are complex and , if the calcium content of the water is high , its ions are preferentially adsorbed on the gill surfaces where they block the absorption of aluminium ions and so reduce their impact ( Mason , 1990 ) .
4 ‘ And leave your knickers where they are . ’
5 He has confidence in the director , Mike Ockrent , experienced in theatre but a film debutant : ‘ You do n't do Follies or Me And My Girl by phoning it in . ’
6 The aim is to create a European financial common market so that citizens and businesses in all member states will be free to invest their money , open accounts and take out loans and insurance policies where they choose .
7 The rest of this chapter will constitute an attempt to explain by means of this hypothesis the various uses of these two forms where they both occur with the same or similar full verbs .
8 For present purposes it is sufficient to note that the expression embraces the period of two years prior to the onset of insolvency in the case of transactions at an undervalue and of preferences given to a person connected with the company , provided that at the time of the transaction the company was unable to pay its debts or it became unable to pay its debts by reason of the transaction .
9 With all the macros together on one page , someone doing accounts where they only want some of the standard sheets , can just choose those that are relevant . ’
10 In a very influential paper , Daniel Maltz and Ruth Borker have placed particular emphasis on the fact that girls and boys play in single sex peer groups where they learn different styles of speech .
11 Still with the chap in the lightweight , knee-length anorak of French origin , very popular with bearded prannies who wear ethnic shoes , get off on Olde English folk music and have girlfriends called Ros who run encounter groups where you can find your true self and be at one with the cosmos .
12 Nor can I look at the way in which this view of faith and reason has influenced contemporary Christian thinking , both mainstream and among the evangelical or fundamentalist groups where it is most in evidence .
13 Prisoners may complain to the prison authorities or they may complain to the Board of Visitors .
14 The audit report should refer to significant departures from SSAPs where either they are not explained in the accounts or they are explained in the accounts but the auditor does not concur .
15 The audit report should refer to significant departures from SSAPs where either they are not explained in the accounts or they are explained in the accounts but the auditor does not concur .
16 Two new players were needed to take Spurs where they wanted to go .
17 Once I get them up from their rest , we go off to the lake and feed the ducks or we go to friends .
18 Many projects in Zimbabwe , Zambia , Indonesia and other places are now embracing the local people in the development of wildlife-oriented management programmes where they will , once again , be party to the decision-making and benefit from the activity .
19 But oh , the glory and the convenience of skiing in resorts where you step into your bindings and ski down to the lift without setting foot to snow , where you cruise all day on networks so meticulously designed that you have but to descend to find another fan of lifts at your disposal .
20 So he said that they could perhaps take a look round to see were there any secluded windows anywhere or any openings where they might just squeeze through .
21 Summarizing the argument , let me say that there are good reasons , based on sociobiological insights into hunting , which lead me to suppose that the cooperation , altruism and mutuality demanded by social-hunting techniques in 4-foot high hominids lacking all modern hunting technology meant that only the sons were likely at first to start to exploit the immense reserves of game which our gelada-like ancestors saw all around them on the savanna grasslands where they lived .
22 If the terms of reference you have in mind are not precise , or if they are not explicitly stated , you may not go far enough in your investigations or you may stray outside the limits that your boss or client has in mind .
23 I could help these lunatics or I could fight them on behalf of Stok ; neither of those ideas appealed to me .
24 The Germans and the English have plenty in common with each other , but what have you in common with the Russians or we with the Japanese ? ’
25 So , even if you do n't intend to compete in FAI contests where it is necessary to perform smooth , polished , engine-off landings in a small box , why not have a go at doing some untidy , but gentle , ones somewhere in the same field ?
26 People who have very strong relationship goals will seek out employment and leisure activities where they can form lasting relationships — deep , warm relationships which will endure over many years .
27 It only works near cities where they have receiver/ transmitters .
28 Foxes use the canal towing paths as routes to the centre of towns and cities where they go to scavenge for food .
29 Capital , very often originating from abroad , is being concentrated more in the industrial centres , not just towns but big cities where it can prosper .
30 New identikit cities where it will not much matter where you are in the world .
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