Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] she " in BNC.

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1 A considerable part of her book is devoted to quite detailed synopses of the lives of the 300-odd geniuses whom she evaluated .
2 Shortly after midnight we would answer the phone to hear Helen in her Hampstead drawing room leading a massed choir of bemused MPs , writers and journalists whom she had coached in the proper rendering of ‘ A guid new year tae een an ’ a' . '
3 Her flat earth common sense made her instantly acceptable to large numbers of clergy whom she in no way threatened by any daunting scholarship or ambiguity of perception .
4 She has in recent years been able to devote more time to dressmaking and tailoring — arts which she has perfected to professional standards .
5 Her many ‘ seeings ’ of Christ and the Holy Family may have been delusions which she actually lived through , as Ruskin lived through his conflicts with the Devil , or they may have been deliberately induced auto-hypnosis deriving from the Revelations of St Bridget , to whom Margery had a special devotion .
6 But Marian continued to feel for some time that uneasiness in the legs which she knew meant that she wanted to run , to get away fast .
7 She began working with ‘ handicapped ’ children and concluded that the methods which she had found most successful in dealing with feeble-minded children would be quite applicable to those who were normal and that ordinary schools needed the sort of transforma-tion she had accomplished at her own ‘ special ’ school .
8 She had many upper garments of different materials and styles which she changed according not to the weather but to her mood : she had large woollen jumpers and little skimpy vests , lacy or patterned blouses and voluminous T-shirts ; shirts of chiffon and shirts of linen .
9 He flipped open the book whose pages were filled with her beautiful , careful script , which he had seen many times on the shopping lists which she had made up under Matey 's instructions .
10 Petunias are raised in the greenhouse , but not the striped or edged sorts which she feels are just a little too bright for her garden .
11 It drowned the roar of the waves which she knew would be crashing on to the beach in impotent and seemingly endless fury .
12 She had a round face , round eyes which she rolled and raised to the ceiling while she spake ( spoke was too mundane a term for her pronouncements ) and she invariably began these pronouncements with ‘ Whooo — ’ to which Jane mentally added ‘ To-whit-too-whoo ’ , and concluded that there must be an owl species called Shurll .
13 He stopped and looked into her face with those dark penetrating eyes which she had noticed so vividly on the night of the fire .
14 On his left was a small , plump girl with round brown eyes which she blinked rapidly , as if smoke from the fire made them smart .
15 At the back of the folder was a neatly typed list of names and addresses which she photocopied before going downstairs to Rodney Shergold 's office .
16 One of those dinner parties which she loved and mocked almost equally , where people envy each other their success while feeling faintly guilty about their own .
17 Like Aurangzeb , she controlled a network of spies which she used to keep her brother well in touch with developments in the court .
18 Jazz was limping and making pained , mutterings and cursings which she thought it tactful to ignore .
19 The sales office where Riba worked was full of her colleagues and friends at her farewell presentation , with a table set aside to hold the many cards and presents which she received .
20 It was n't just the smells of dug earth and the friendly shapes of garden implements which she associated with him ; it was the sense of escape the place gave her .
21 There is an opportunity to relate theory to practice , and as the teaching is set at the student 's level of understanding and experience , time can be spent on aspects which she finds difficult .
22 This was echoed by another boy : You see , my mom right , she says some words to me , right , sometimes , right , wha' I ca n't understand you know an' I sort of start laughin' , but then again right , y' know , I can understand some o' de words which she says to me y' know — I even speak it back to her , y' see .
23 Clara was astonished ; she could compare the room to nothing in her experience , nothing at all , unless it were perhaps to those studiously , tediously visited ancient homes which she had been round on various bank holidays during her childhood .
24 Her legs were long and elongated further by the very high heels which she wore .
25 Nathalie Sarraute has consistently defended the narrative structures of her texts as the only possible means of representing , in fictional form , the psychological interactions between consciousnesses which she describes as ‘ tropisms ’ — the depiction of subtle intersubjective activity involves the creation of a more fluid narrative discourse .
26 Coloured candles stood tall , there were glass boxes of shells which she and Thomas had collected , and in the stone hearth sat a vast earthenware urn filled with wild flowers .
27 The integration of the two voices which she calls for , leaves men with much further to go than women , who she seems to see as already ‘ bilingual ’ in moral judgements to some extent ( Auerbach et al .
28 Beatrice Webb believed that the retention of a voluntary element in the social services would render them inefficient at exercising the ‘ element of compulsion and disciplinary supervision ’ over the clients which she thought essential for their improvement .
29 She led the way into the communal hall which she personally had taken upon herself to brighten up with a vase of dried flowers and a couple of good , but ancient , rugs which she had picked up for a song at an auction sale .
30 It was as though she had spent the past twenty-two years imprisoned in a shell , and had now broken free of it , and was tasting sensations which she had never dreamed possible .
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