Example sentences of "[noun pl] [pron] they " in BNC.

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1 Baron and Strawson ( 1976 ) reported on the ways in which regular and irregular words were processed by two general groups whom they called " Chinese " and " Phoenician " readers .
2 After Her Majesty 's initial acceptance of the enterprise , Sir Herbert Morgan hosted a large private dinner party at the Savoy to which he , the Princess and Lutyens invited various mutual friends , authors and artists whom they wished to involve .
3 However , Vauxcelles 's original references to the ‘ cubes ’ in Braque 's work and to his ‘ bizarreries cubiques ’ had been intended disparagingly , and the term ‘ Cubism ’ continued to be applied by hostile critics to the work of the more advanced painters whom they could not understand or appreciate , and by perceptive critics to these same artists whom they considered to be pioneers in a new movement .
4 The doctors have recently agreed not to buy women 's eggs anymore after they were exposed by two feminist journalists whom they threatened to take to court for libel .
5 The development officers clearly fulfilled the objectives established for them : they assessed their clients ’ needs , negotiated with other service-providers to obtain increased support from existing sources , they recruited local support workers for all clients whom they assessed as needing enhanced care ; this enhanced support was obtained quickly and with few difficulties , and clearly several very dependent clients were sustained at home as a result of this care .
6 Government troops killed over 40 Tamils whom they held responsible for the Aug. 6 incidents , after Wijeratne had declared that " we will show no mercy to these Tamil terrorists , criminals who do not deserve to live " .
7 Like the half-caste kids them they used to left me alone .
8 The reason is , of course , that a few computers will be able to cope with the task of detecting the lies , evasions , inconsistencies , and omissions in our tax returns more surely , and much more rap idly , than the flesh and blood calculators whom they are about to replace .
9 For old people living alone or together , there will be risks which they and others may feel is a price worth paying for a richer and more fulfilling life .
10 Overall the project aims to contribute to the understanding of structural solutions devised by firms to manage the uncertainties and risks which they face in purchasing and using new technologies .
11 I have contended that the success , and for that matter failure , of blacks in sport has nothing to do with so-called physical characteristics which they are all meant to share , nor with psychological predispositions which they clearly do not have , and certainly not with physical inheritances which are said to have been somehow transmitted genetically from their slave forefathers .
12 Say the distance between two species is the number of characteristics which they do n't have in common .
13 It will trace how the city operated the different Housing Acts , how it developed its housing management policy , and how its schemes came to have the distinctive social characteristics which they possess .
14 When the line-up was finalised with Charman in the spring of 1985 , they already had a set of six songs which they rehearsed repeatedly .
15 He said that the agreement was on its face unduly restrictive having regard to : ( a ) its likely duration ; ( b ) the publishers ' right to assign copyright in songs which they had acquired in full under the agreement , so that it could not be argued that they would be unlikely to act oppressively and so damage their goodwill ; ( c ) the fact that the publishers were not bound to publish or promote the songwriter 's work if they chose not to do so , so that he might earn nothing , and his talents be sterilised , contrary to the public interest ; and ( d ) the absence of any provision entitling the songwriter to terminate the agreement .
16 Equally , breeders are passing over animals which they now feel are no better genetically than the dairy replacements they have at home .
17 They eat plants and animals which they kill with poisoned arrows .
18 Chemical reactions and the compounds which they form all depend , ultimately , on the way the electrons are arranged in the individual atoms involved ; the reactions being such as to achieve a stable configuration of electrons in the orbits of each participating atom ( see Figure 4 , p.55 ) .
19 LoPresti and propeller manufacturer Hartzell are co-operating on new cowling/propeller/spinner designs for single and Twin Comanches which they predict will increase their maximum speeds by 42 mph and 35 mph respectively , through reduced drag and more efficient use of propeller airflow .
20 There was some shrapnel in one of his legs which they had never been able to get out .
21 It is important if the interests and privileges of the ruling class are to be preserved that not too many people develop a sense of grievance , outrage or anger about the inequalities and oppressions which they experience .
22 There remain some class differences in the proportion who take a more casual or a more planned approach to family building , and in the reliability of the methods which they use , and therefore in the proportion of unintended pregnancies .
23 At all stages , pupils should be encouraged to discuss and justify the methods which they use .
24 Having decided that Rome had to be treated as a member of the civilized community of the Greek world they could not apply to the study of Roman life those methods which they used , very competently , to describe barbarians .
25 The remedies which they prescribe for Britain involve the separation of social insurance for health , pensions and employment from social assistance to those in unpredictable need .
26 Japanese financial institutions had traditionally been allowed to declare their share portfolios as part of the capital reserves which they were obliged to maintain .
27 It was a celebration of their talents because , by being confined — so to speak — to those steps which they most enjoyed and thus performed best , they positively sparkled .
28 That the British Gas Executive Share Option Scheme ( ‘ the Scheme ’ ) the rules of which are produced to the Meeting ( and , for the purpose of identification , signed by the Chairman ) be approved and the Directors be authorised to take all necessary steps which they consider necessary or appropriate to carry the Scheme into effect including the submission of the Scheme to the Board of Inland Revenue for approval under Schedule 9 to the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 .
29 the British Gas ( Overseas Employees ) Share Option Scheme ( ‘ the Overseas Scheme ’ ) the rules of which are produced to the Meeting ( and , for the purpose of identification , signed by the Chairman ) be approved and the Directors be authorised to take all necessary steps which they consider necessary or appropriate to carry the Overseas Scheme into effect ; and
30 Constitutions are infected with dynamism ; they will develop , willy-nilly , and if the necessity for development becomes obvious to courts , as to other law-creating agencies of the constitution , and the steps which they take in consequence come to enjoy widespread acquiescence , it is pointlessly academic in the worst sense to argue that such steps are , in some technical sense , wrong .
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